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In Today's Issue

  • Parkinson's and Stem Cells
  • New Book: Gallery's American Collection
  • Holiday Decorations and Fire Hazards
  • Events: Retiree Open Enrollment, Scandling Lecture Series, Eastman Marimba Ensemble
  • In the Headlines: Research by Swan on Pollutants, University Web Cams, Alumna Brumberg on Self-Injurious Behavior

News and Announcements

Parkinson’s Approach With Stem Cells A Promising First Step
Brain cells derived from human embryonic stem cells improved the condition of rats with Parkinson’s-like symptoms dramatically, but the treatment caused a significant problem: the appearance of brain tumors. The findings reported by Steven Goldman, professor of neurology, and Neeta Roy, assistant professor of neurology at Cornell’s Weill Medical College, are featured on the cover of the November issue of Nature Medicine.

New Book Reveals Depth of Gallery's American Collection
The Memorial Art Gallery holds an extensive collection of American art. It’s a fact known widely by scholars in the field but one that has eluded the general public. A new book, Seeing America: Painting and Sculpture from the Collection of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, aims to change that.

Medical Center Guidelines for Holiday Decorations
Environmental Health and Safety has posted a set of guidelines for using holiday decorations to avoid fire hazards in patient-care areas and other Medical Center facilities.


December 5
Retiree Open Enrollment Session: Representatives from Aetna, Excellus, and the Benefits Office will be available. Seminar Room, Laboratory for Laser Energetics (240 East River Road), 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

December 7
Scandling Lecture Series: Harry Brighouse of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, "Evaluating School Reform: What Values Should We Use, and How Should We Use them?" Schlegel Hall 207, 7 p.m.

December 7
Eastman Marimba Ensemble: Bill Cahn, director. Eastman School, Kilbourn Hall, 8 p.m.

See these calendars for more events: Currents, Eastman School, Medical Center, Warner School, School of Nursing, and Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester in the News

Washington Post (December 4)
Inquiry Turns To Humans On Pollutant, Hormone Tie
The article about health hazards posed by common chemicals cites research by Shanna Swan, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, on phthalates, a family of additives found in plastic.

Christian Science Monitor (December 3)
Backstory: Look, Mom, it's me. I'm OK!
The University's Wilson Commons Web cam is mentioned in a report about the "Hi, Mom!" phenomenon where parents are able to catch a glimpse of their son or daughter via a campus Web cam.

Chronicle of Higher Education (December 4)
Are We Facing an Epidemic of Self-Injury?
"Along with their laptops, cellphones, and iPods, students now arrive on campuses with an awareness of self-injurious behavior and a greater tolerance for it than in previous generations. Yet for psychological-services professionals, residence-hall staff members, deans, and faculty members, the addition of cutting to the contemporary repertoire of collegiate psychiatric disorders constitutes a significant clinical challenge," writes alumna Joan Jacobs Brumberg '65, a professor of history, human development, and women's studies at Cornell University.

In Higher Education

CNN (December 1)
Home Recipes Are on the Menu in Many Campus Dining Halls
"Stung by decades of jokes about mystery meat and soggy sandwiches, college dining halls around the country are borrowing recipes from the ultimate authority on heartwarming meals: Mom. (And Dad, too.)"

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