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In Today's Issue

  • Research: Young Women and IUDs
  • December Issue of HR Intercom
  • Cancer Center Fundraiser
  • Events: Holiday Social, New Horizons Orchestra
  • In the Headlines: Seligman on Post-Enron Regulation, Smith on Bush's Iraq Policy, Porsteinsson on Alzheimer's

News and Announcements

Young Women Unfamiliar with Safety, Effectiveness of IUD
The IUD might be one of the best-kept birth control secrets for young women, according to a study by Medical Center researchers published in this month’s journal Obstetrics & Gynecology.

December Issue of HR Intercom Available Online
View the latest issue of HR Intercom, a newsletter that provides up-to-date information about Human Resources programs and procedures.

Change Elves Needed to Support Wilmot Cancer Center
Consider being a Change Elf for the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center. Start collecting spare change from friends, family, and coworkers and bring it to the Breakfast Buzz Christmas Spectacular radiothon and holiday event from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 23, at TC Hooligans at The Mall at Greece Ridge.


December 19
University Holiday Social: May Room, Wilson Commons, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

December 21
New Horizons Orchestra: Eastman School, Kilbourn Hall, 6 p.m.

See these calendars for more events: Currents, Eastman School, Medical Center, Warner School, School of Nursing, and Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester in the News

The New York Times (December 17)
A Push to Fix the Fix on Wall Street
“We still are living under the shadow of Enron and WorldCom and that has tempered the business community’s attempts at more precipitous action,” says President Seligman in a report about the Securities and Exchange Commission's proposal to loosen auditing regulations for small companies. (Seligman was also quoted in similar reports by BusinessWeek, Washington Post, Forbes, and others.)

New York Daily News (December 17)
"'W' Trashed His Dad's Iraq Wisdom—and America Paid Dearly
"In 1991, Bush the Elder declared war against the same country that 43 would attack later. Who better to counsel Bush the Lesser now? Daddy refused to occupy Iraq. Sonny might have asked why," writes Curt Smith, a senior lecturer in the English department and former speech writer for George H. W. Bush, in an op-ed.

Winston Salem Journal (December 17)
Closing the Gap: Triad Researchers Take Aim at Alzheimer's
"There's a demographic tsunami coming our way, in terms of Alzheimer's disease," says Anton Porsteinsson, associate professor of psychiatry. "It's a big problem today, and it's going to be a huge problem."

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (December 18)
Casting a Wide Net
"Dispute over economics job notices may point to larger battle over how colleges recruit diverse pools for faculty searches."

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