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In Today's Issue

  • Taubman Named Editor of Journal
  • Guidelines for Using Fire Extinguishers
  • Events: Exclusive O'Keeffe Viewing, Kwanzaa Family Day, Basketball at Home
  • In the Headlines: Treanor on Avian Flu Vaccines, Jarrell on Backdating Scandal, Deci on Graduation Rates

News and Announcements

Rochester’s Taubman Named Editor of American Heart Association Journal
Mark Taubman, chief of the cardiology division and director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute, has been named editor-in-chief of the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, one of five medical journals produced by the American Heart Association. In conjunction with the appointment, the journal offices will move to Rochester and will help focus national and international attention on the University and the region as a major center for the study of cardiovascular diseases.

Guidelines for Using Fire Extinguishers
Environmental Health and Safety has posted guidelines for proper use of fire extinguishers. Reminder: The only time a fire extinguisher should be used to fight a fire is when the fire department has been notified, there is a clear exit behind the person using the extinguisher, and the fire is small, self-contained, and not spreading rapidly. To schedule extinguisher training, call the Fire Marshal’s Office at x5-3243.


December 27
Exclusive O'Keeffe Viewing: Open to University employees and their guests. Admission charge. Memorial Art Gallery, 8:30 to 10 a.m.

December 28
Kwanzaa Family Day: Memorial Art Gallery, 4 to 9 p.m.

January 2
Basketball: The women's and men's teams host RIT. Palestra, 6 p.m. (women) and 8 p.m. (men).

See these calendars for more events: Currents, Eastman School, Medical Center, Warner School, School of Nursing, and Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester in the News

The Weekly Standard (December 25 issue)
The Chicken Littles Were Wrong
The editorial about concerns over an avian flu pandemic cites research by John Treanor, professor of medicine, and colleagues at the Medical Center on the effectiveness of older flu vaccines in treating recent strains of the virus.

Houston Chronicle (December 22)
Shareholders Have Lost at Least $100 Billion over Backdating
A new study coauthored by Gregg Jarrell, professor of finance and economics at the Simon School, suggests that shareholders who own stock in companies caught up in a backdating scandal have lost at least $100 billion.

13WHAM-TV, ABC (December 21)
Get Small to Tackle Big Problem
“It requires having small groups of students and teachers working together on an ongoing basis so that students understand that there is somebody in their school who really knows them and will be there for them," said Edward Deci, professor of clinical and social psychology, during a brainstorming session on Wednesday held to address low graduation rates in the Rochester City School District.

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (December 22)
Evolving Language Job Market
"The job market for modern languages appears to be holding steady, with slow growth in both the number of available positions and the number of new doctorates, according to an analysis released Thursday by the Modern Language Association."

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