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In Today’s Issue

  • Governments Fail to Include Women, Intervention Program Improves Baby Health
  • Events: Flu Shots, Plutzik Series, Benefits Session
  • In the Headlines: Research on HIV Immunity, Seligman on SEC, Gamm on Implications of House Races

News and Announcements

Local Governments Earn Low Marks for Women’s Representation
The majority of counties in New York State earn a grade of either “Unsatisfactory” or “F” for the small number of women serving in elected office, according to a report card issued by the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership.

Early Intervention Program Improves Health of Babies and Parents
An educational program for parents of infants born prematurely can improve the health of the child and parents and cut the length of hospital stay, according to a study by researchers at the School of Nursing.

Warner School Holds Information Session
The Warner School is hosting an information reception about its programs at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 14, in the Hawkins-Carlson Room of Rush Rhees Library. For reservations e-mail or call x5-3950.


November 6
Flu Shots for Strong Memorial Hospital employees: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., House of Six Nations Cafeteria.

November 7
Plutzik Reading Series: Poet Dan Chiasson, 8 p.m., Welles-Brown Room.

November 9
Eastman at Washington Square: Waltzes by Strauss and Gounod, 12:15 to 1 p.m., First Universalist Church.

November 9
“Understanding the University’s Retirement Program,” including “Fundamentals of Investing,” noon, Room 1-6127, Medical Center Human Resources.

See these calendars for more events: Currents, Eastman School, Medical Center, Warner School, School of Nursing, and Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester in the News

ABC News (November 2)
Scientists Get Snapshot of AIDS Defense Mechanism
Harold Smith, a professor of biochemistry and biophysics who helped lead a research effort to understand the structure of an immune system enzyme, talks about the work’s importance in designing a drug to boost the body’s defenses against the AIDS virus. “We all know that HIV gets away from therapy by creating a lot of mutations in itself. This enzyme has the ability to push mutations in HIV to the point where the virus’s own genome fails. If we protect this enzyme, we have the ability to push HIV into failure,” Smith says. The Reuters news service report also appeared in Scientific American, The Australian, and other publications. Read the Medical Center’s press release.)

Washington Post (November 3)
SEC Enforcement Cases Decline 9 Percent
President Joel Seligman, the author of a history of the Securities and Exchange Commission, comments in a story on the SEC’s annual report. Seligman says he is not surprised that the enforcement figures have leveled off given the burst of activity following accounting frauds and mutual fund trading scandals in the past few years. “I do not have the sense that the SEC is pulling its punches,” Seligman says.

New York Sun (November 3)
Big Power Shift Ahead for New York If Democrats Win the Congress
An analysis of what a Democratic takeover of the House would mean for New York cites Gerald Gamm. “Since New York is a high-income state but gets less than its fair share of federal spending, raising federal income taxes, as Democrats are likely to do, would hurt the state, they argue. But the chairman of the political science department at the University of Rochester, Gerald Gamm, pointed out that any tax increases passed by a Democrat-majority House would still have to get through the Senate, and President Bush would still hold veto power.”

Democrat and Chronicle (November 3)
Rookie Coach Greene Has UR Winning Again
On the eve of the football team’s fifth straight victory Saturday, a story profiles first-year head coach Scott Greene. “Scott Greene’s goals were modest when he was named coach of the University of Rochester football team in May. And why not? The Yellowjackets were coming off consecutive 4-6 seasons, and Greene was jumping into his new job quite late.”

Messenger Post Newspapers (November 2)
For Him, Integrity Mattered More Than Winning
In his regular column, Curt Smith, senior lecturer in the Department of English, remembers former basketball coach Lyle Brown, who died this fall: “In a eulogy, Winston Churchill said of a friend, ‘His children are his best memorial.’ Brown’s were his players.”

In Higher Education

New York Times (November 5)
A Dream Not Denied: Students on the Spectrum
“A top expert estimates that one in every 150 children has some level of spectrum disorder, a proportion believed to be rising steeply. With earlier and better intervention, more of these children are considering college, and parents, who have advanced them through each grade with intensive therapies and unrelenting advocacy, are clamoring for the support services to make that possible.”

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