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In Today's Issue

  • Women's Basketball Wins Tournament
  • World AIDS Day
  • Device Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Annual Snowfall Contest
  • Events: Baroque Organ Recital
  • In the Headlines: Adair on Football Readings, Review of Bezuidenhout, Lawrence on Breastfeeding

News and Announcements

Women's Basketball Beats No. 1 Scranton in Tournament
The 14th-ranked women's basketball team beat top-ranked Scranton at the Palestra on Sunday in the championship game of the Chuck Resler Tournament.

Events across Campus, Community Mark World AIDS Day
To mark this year's World AIDS Day, a series of events exploring some of the major issues and challenges of the AIDS epidemic will be held at the University later this month and early in December.

Findings Show Significant Reduction in Blood Pressure with Implantable Device
A device first implanted in the United States at the Medical Center as part of a clinical trial is showing a significant reduction in blood pressure in patients who suffer from severe hypertension and cannot control their condition with medications or lifestyle changes.

Grounds Department Accepting Entries for Annual Snow Contest
How much snow will we get in January? Guess the monthly snowfall total to the nearest inch and win a prize as part of the annual Snow Contest sponsored by the Department of Horticulture and Grounds. Submit an entry by December 15 to Dan Schied at Winners will be announced in February.


November 26
Baroque Organ Recital: Eastman School faculty member Robert Kerner on the Italian Baroque organ. Free with gallery admission. Memorial Art Gallery, Herdle Fountain Court, 1 and 3 p.m.

See these calendars for more events: Currents, Eastman School, Medical Center, Warner School, School of Nursing, and Memorial Art Gallery.

Rochester in the News

Chronicle of Higher Education (November 24 issue)
2 Fans Refine the Art of Rooting
The story highlights efforts by English major Carl Adair '07 to rouse fans during Rochester football games by reading selections from classic texts. The article also quotes defensive lineman Pat Gallagher '07 and George VanderZwaag, director of athletics and recreation. "In sports there's this rhetoric of violence toward the other team," says Adair. "But nobody says it better than Homer when he's talking about the wrath of Achilles, mowing down these Trojans."

The New York Times (November 17)
At the Heart of the Storm, That Cool Prince of Reason
Eastman School graduate student Kristian Bezuidenhout receives a favorable review for his recent performance as part of the Miller Theater’s Bach in Context series.

Fox News (November 17)
Breastfeeding May Lower Babies' Diabetes Risk
Professor of Pediatrics Ruth Lawrence, who helped write guidelines about breastfeeding for the American Academy of Pediatrics, says published studies may actually underestimate breastfeeding’s impact on childhood and adult obesity. “Babies who are exclusively breastfed seem to have a big advantage,” she says. “There is not one single study suggesting that formula is better than breast milk.”

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (November 20)
Science Ph.D.’s Continue to Grow
"It is unlikely to quiet the burgeoning cries of alarm about a perceived crisis in American scientific competitiveness. But a new report from the National Science Foundation offers some evidence both of progress and of continued problems."

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