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@Rochester — April 9, 2007

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In Today's Issue

  • University Community Saddened by Student’s Death
  • Shirley Ann Jackson to Give Commencement Address
  • Tarduno on Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Join the Chase Corporate Challenge
  • Event Highlight: Poetry Broadsides
  • Rochester in the News: McIntosh on Smoking Cessation
  • In Higher Ed: Student Loan Investigations

News and Announcements

University Community Saddened by Student’s Death
Joshua Locker, an undergraduate student of the Class of 2009, was found dead outside de Kiewiet Tower on Saturday morning. Rochester Police have concluded that his death was a suicide. The Dean of Students informed the family and students and is sharing information about funeral arrangements. “The University community is saddened by this tragic loss. Our thoughts are with Josh Locker’s family at this time,” said President Joel Seligman. Students are encouraged to reach out to each other and to be in contact with support services, including Residence Life, 469-5900.  

Shirley Ann Jackson to Give Commencement Address
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson, who has held senior leadership positions in government, industry, research, and academe, will be the speaker at the University's commencement on Sunday, May 20.   Read more...

3.2 Billion-Year-Old Surprise: Earth Had Strong Magnetic Field
John Tarduno, professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and his colleagues have made the earliest direct measurement of Earth’s magnetic field. The study, which appears in the journal Nature, discovered that the magnetosphere was in existence 500 million years earlier than scientists previously believed. The story has been covered worldwide, including in the New Scientist and UPI.   Read more...

Join the University's Team at the Chase Corporate Challenge
The Chase Corporate Challenge is a 3.5 mile road race held Thursday, May 31, at 7 p.m. at R.I.T. Registration is $25 and is available online. Register under the "University of Rochester" team by Friday, May 11. For information, call Heather Van Orden at x5-2706.  


Through September 15
While in the World: Selected Poetry Broadsides from the Collections: On exhibit are selected illustrated poetry broadsides. Rush Rhees Library, Hilfiker Gallery.  

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Rochester in the News

CBS News (April 5)
"Want To Quit Smoking? Eat Your Veggies"
Scott McIntosh, associate professor of medicine and director of the Greater Rochester Area Tobacco Cessation Center, discusses a study which suggests that dietary habits may play a role in smoking addiction.   Read more...

In Higher Education

New York Times (April 6)
"College Officers Profited by Sale of Lender Stock"
"The revelations that financial aid administrators had investments in a student loan company come as state and federal lawmakers have stepped up their scrutiny of incentives that loan companies offer to curry favor with universities as tuitions—and student debt—rise."   Read more...

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