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In Today's Issue

  • New Warner Professor Gets National Attention
  • Hursh on No Child Left Behind
  • Diabetes Researcher Honored
  • Parking Sweepstakes Winners
  • Event Highlight: 61st Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition
  • Rochester in the News: Blake Archive Noted for Its Online Leadership
  • In Higher Ed: A Growing Will to Debate

News and Announcements

New Warner Professor Gets National Attention for Teacher Attrition Study
Karen DeAngelis, who is joining the Warner School faculty this fall as an assistant professor in the educational leadership program, finds that teaching is a more stable profession than commonly believed in a recent study she conducted at the Illinois Education Research Council (IERC). The study, entitled "Leaving Schools or Leaving the Profession: Setting Illinois' Record Straight on New Teacher Attrition," has garnered national attention.   Read more...

WXXI-TV Interviews Hursh on No Child Left Behind
David Hursh, associate professor in teaching and curriculum at the Warner School, will be a featured educator on WXXI-TV's "Need to Know" show that is scheduled to air on Channel 21 on Friday, July 13 at 9 p.m. Hursh will share his expertise on educational issues with the No Child Left Behind Law by critiquing the use of testing in schools and discussing alternatives to the current measures in place.    Read more...

Diabetes Researcher Honored With Prestigious Novartis Prize
John Gerich, professor of medicine and program director of the General Clinical Research Center at the Medical Center, has been awarded the Novartis Prize for Long-Standing Achievement in Diabetes.   Read more...

Parking Sweepstakes Winners
University Parking and Transportation Services would like to congratulate this year's Parking Sweepstakes Winners: Steven Allen, Nelly Avissar, Douglas W. Henderson, Cathleen Kehoe, Jennifer Hanousek, Joshua P. Farrelman, Margaret Fisher, Yi Tao Yu, Patrick G. Walsh, Vanisie R. Barfield, Marlene R. Terrana, Heather L. Gibson, Ronald V. Fell, Justin Barbieri, Brian T. Graves and Valerie M. Davis.   


July 12
61st Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition: Memorial Art Gallery. Through September 2.  

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Rochester in the News

Chronicle of Higher (July 6)
"Authoritative Online Editions"
An essay on the growing scholarly importance of online repositories cites the William Blake Archive, which is coedited by Morris Eaves, professor of English at Rochester, and the Walt Whitman Archive, which is coedited by Ed Folsom ’76 (PhD), professor of English at the University of Iowa, as examples of how technology can be used to create authoritative & mdash; and even Modern Language Association-approved — archives that provide scholars wide-ranging access to an author's work and life.   Read more...

In Higher Education

New York Times (July 11)
"In Economics Departments, a Growing Will to Debate Fundamental Assumptions"
"For many economists, questioning free-market orthodoxy is akin to expressing a belief in intelligent design at a Darwin convention: Those who doubt the naturally beneficial workings of the market are considered either deluded or crazy. But in recent months, economists have engaged in an impassioned debate over the way their specialty is taught in universities around the country, and practiced in Washington, questioning the profession's most cherished ideas about not interfering in the economy."   Read more...

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