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In Today's Issue

  • Hand Gestures Dramatically Improve Learning
  • Medical Center Names Head of Web Services Division
  • Event Highlight: Art at 11 Lecture
  • Rochester in the News: Schieber Talks about Research for Robotic Hand
  • In Higher Ed: Fight Song at Ozarks: Work Hard and Avoid Debt

News and Announcements

Hand Gestures Dramatically Improve Learning
Kids asked to physically gesture at math problems are nearly three times more likely than non-gesturers to remember what they've learned, according to a Rochester study in the current issue of the journal Cognition.   Read more...

Medical Center Names Head of Web Services Division
The Medical Center has named Sharon Martinez as director of Web Services. Martinez previously was interim director of the division, which was formed in 2006.   Read more...


Art at 11 Lecture: Peter Forbes of Syracuse, one of 23 artists in this year’s Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition, talks about his work. Memorial Art Gallery. 11 a.m.  

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Rochester in the News

Technology Review (July 25)
"Playing Piano with a Robotic Hand"
Neuroscientist Marc Schieber, professor of neurology, talks about research to develop a prosthetic hand that taps into the brain’s electrical signals. The team he’s working with has demonstrated that signals from a monkey’s brain can control a robotic hand. “We would hope that eventually, we’ll be able to implant similar arrays permanently in the motor cortex of human subjects,” Schieber says.   Read more...

In Higher Education

New York Times (July 25)
"Fight Song at Ozarks: Work Hard and Avoid Debt"
“Like many undergraduates, students at the College of the Ozarks [in Point Lookout, Mo.] work their way through school . . . But what is truly different about Hard Work U.—as the college styles itself—is that all 1,345 students must work 15 hours per week to pay off the entire cost of tuition—$15,900 per year. If they work summers, as one-third are doing this summer, they pay off their $4,400 room and board as well. Work study is not an option as it is at most campuses; it is the college’s raison d’être.”   Read more...

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