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In Today's Issue

  • Rochester Jazz Festival Features Eastman Performers
  • LPGA Stars Talk About Their Heroes and Women in Sports
  • Hidden Planet Pushes Stars Ring a Billion Miles Off-Center
  • Palliative Care and Shorter MICU Stays
  • Brain Expert Recognized for Contributions
  • Event Highlight: Jean Luc Ponty, Trio Beyond
  • Rochester in the News: Medical Center Study on 'Chemo Brain,' Jackson on Optimism
  • In Higher Ed: Private Loans Deepen a Crisis in Student Debt

News and Announcements

Rochester International Jazz Festival Sessions Feature Numerous Eastman Performers
Eastman School of Music faculty, alumni, and students play prominently in the line-up for the Rochester International Jazz Festival. From the opening session on Friday, June 8, with the Dave Rivello Ensemble, through Bob Sneider’s nightly jam sessions, Eastman musicians will be performing on various stages throughout the nine-day event.   Read more...

LPGA Stars Talk About Their Heroes and Women in Sports
The LPGA tour will bring some of the world’s greatest athletes to Rochester next week for the Wegmans LPGA tournament, and the community will get the chance to know them as more than golfers. Four of the tour’s stars will spend the afternoon before the tournament starts talking about their heroes at a special luncheon and panel discussion sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership.   Read more...

Hidden Planet Pushes Star's Ring a Billion Miles Off-Center
A young star’s strange elliptical ring of dust likely heralds the presence of an undiscovered Neptune-sized planet, says a Rochester astronomer in the latest Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.   Read more...

Early Palliative Care Interventions Linked to Shorter MICU Stays
Researchers at the Medical Center have found that early palliative care interventions can reduce the length of stay for seriously ill patients in the medical intensive care unit (MICU) by more than seven days without impacting mortality rates.    Read more...

Rochester Brain Expert Recognized for Lifetime Contributions
James Powers, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and of neurology at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Meritorious Contributions to Neuropathology at the annual meeting of the American Association of Neuropathologists.    Read more...


June 12
Jean Luc Ponty, Trio Beyond: Eastman Theatre. 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

Los Angeles Times (June 11)
"A New Drug May Clear the Haze of Chemo"
An article surveying new cancer treatment drugs features a Medical Center study led by Sadhna Kohli of the James C. Wilmot Cancer Center of modafinil, a drug that shows promise in treating ‘chemo brain’: "The very first day I took it, I noticed the difference," said a participant in the clinical trial. Now, "I can be me again—mother, grandmother, wife, good employee. All the things that I used to be that I had lost for a while."   Read more...

New York Times (June 10)
"With Iraq War as a Backdrop, Speakers Reflect on the Future"
Commencement speaker Shirley Ann Jackson was included in an article of commencement speeches from around the country. Said Jackson, "I am an optimist. I am short, and short people can only see the glass as half full. So optimize who you are and what you are. Optimize your experiences and what you have learned. Optimize others. Optimize your opportunities. Seize them and do meaningful things."   Read more...

In Higher Education

New York Times (June 10)
"Private Loans Deepen a Crisis in Student Debt"
"As the first in her immigrant family to attend college, Lucia DiPoi said she had few clues about financing her college education. So when financial aid and low-interest government loans did not stretch far enough, Ms. DiPoi applied for $49,000 in private loans, too. ‘How bad could it be?’ she recalls thinking."   Read more...

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