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  • Healthy Home Celebrates Anniversary, EPA Grant
  • Summer Dining Hours
  • Classes for the Whole Family at MAG
  • Event Highlight: Retirement Information Session
  • Rochester in the News: David Primo on Hillary Clinton's Visit to Rochester, Jonathan Klein on the Dangers of Candy Cigarettes
  • In Higher Ed: Illegal Downloads

News and Announcements

Healthy Home Celebrates Anniversary, EPA Grant
The Healthy Home—a model residence created to help property owners and residents improve the environmental health of their homes—is celebrating the project's one-year anniversary on June 21 at 700 West Main Street. The event is from 4 to 6 p.m. and is open to the public. The project also has received a $100,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency that will ensure the home continues to serve as a community resource for years to come.   Read more...

Summer Dining Hours
Wondering where you can get a cup of coffee or grab a quick lunch during the summer? Dining Services offers a schedule of summer dining hours and locations.   Read more...

Classes for the Whole Family at MAG
Summer sessions at the Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop are now forming. Adults (and teens with some experience) can choose from morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Kids and teens can sign up for two-week morning sessions. And youth ages 7 to 13 can enjoy all-day, week-long Art Day School sessions on topics including printmaking, polymer clay, and puppets. For a free summer catalog, call 473-7720, ext. 3056.   Read more...


June 20
Understanding the University's Retirement Program: HR Conference Room (1-6127), Medical Center. Noon to 1 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

Democrat and Chronicle (June 19)
"Sen. Clinton: Adults Must Look out for Kids"
David Primo, assistant professor of political science, comments on Sen. Hillary Clinton's visit to Rochester on Monday and the dual roles she must play as a presidential candidate and a senator: "She needs to raise the money, but she also needs to show that she's still active in New York state."   Read more... (June 18)
"Study Links Candy Cigarettes to Smoking"
Jonathan Klein, associate professor of pediatrics and of community and preventive medicine, is lead author of a study that shows candy cigarettes can desensitize children to smoking, making it more likely they will smoke later in life. "The continued existence of these products helps promote smoking as a culturally or socially acceptable activity."   Read more...

In Higher Education

Christian Science Monitor (June 18)
"Universities Strike Back in Battle over Illegal Downloads"
"Statistics show that college students illegally obtained two-thirds of their music and accounted for 1.3 billion illegal downloads in 2006 alone—in what the Recording Industry Association of America estimates as millions of dollars in losses directly attributed to college students. Now, Congress is taking action and pressuring universities to tighten network security and ethical standards—even comparing digital piracy to plagiarizing term papers in an effort to change the mind-set of students and administrators. Result: Universities are getting new software, and students are getting the message."   Read more...

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