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  • Exhibit Offers Unique Look at Surgery
  • Scientist's Work Puts 'Quantum Cat' to the Test
  • Our Woman in Latvia
  • Event Highlight: Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition Tour
  • Rochester in the News: Vivian Lewis on Conflicting Messages about Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anthony Center LPGA Luncheon
  • In Higher Ed: Faculty Gender and Student Performance

News and Announcements

Exhibit Offers Unique Look at Surgery
Images of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, a photographic exhibit by Eastman Dental Center resident Stephen Cho, is on display through August in the Edward G. Miner Library at the Medical Center.    Read more...

Scientist's Work Puts 'Quantum Cat' to the Test
Andrew JordanNew Scientist, one of the world's largest general-interest science magazines, recently featured the research of Andrew Jordan, assistant professor of physics, on its cover. The cover image of a cat fading into ethereality speaks to Jordan's work exploring a quirk of quantum physics—an oddity that has long been illustrated by a "quantum cat."   Read more...

Our Woman in Latvia
Ieva Gruzina '03 knows her introduction sounds like the start of a joke: A Latvian woman with an American accent who works for the British Chamber of Commerce.... For Gruzina, who has been at the post just under one year, the career move brought her back home to a place that has changed dramatically since she was a girl.   Read more...


artJune 22 and 24
Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition Tour: Docent-led tour. Memorial Art Gallery. 2 p.m.   

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Rochester in the News

WROC TV, CBS (June 20)
"HRT May Be Beneficial for Some Women to Protect against Heart Disease"
Vivian Lewis, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, comments on research findings that have raised questions about the overall safety of hormone replacement therapy for treating symptoms of menopause: "So, unfortunately, it gets distilled to a very simplistic message, HRT is bad and that isn't the case."   Read more...

Democrat and Chronicle (June 21)
"Open Hearts Mark True Heroines of Golf"
Coverage of Wednesday's luncheon with past and current LPGA stars that was sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership.   Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (June 21)
"Faculty Gender and Student Performance"
"The conversation about gender and academic performance typically focuses on the composition of male and female students in a given course. But what about who's teaching?"   Read more...

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