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  • Human Subject Protection Program Earns Highest Accreditation
  • 'Art & Treasures' Sale Opens Today
  • Compliance Office's Integrity Hotline
  • Library Road Closed July 2 to 5
  • Event Highlight: Eastman Drum Set Day Concert
  • Rochester in the News: Westbrook Book Reviewed
  • In Higher Ed: CIA's Interest in Student Dissenters

News and Announcements

University Research Program Achieves Pre-Eminent Accreditation
The University program that ensures the safety of people who participate in research has received the highest level of accreditation possible. The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs announced that the University's Human Subject Protection Program completed a two-year intensive process and received full accreditation.   Read more...

'Art & Treasures' Sale Opens Today
Art & Treasures, the popular annual sale sponsored by the Gallery Council, takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, June 29, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 30, at the Memorial Art Gallery. Admission is free, with all sales to benefit the gallery.   Read more...

Excluded? Debarred? Know Someone Who Is?
Federal law limits the kinds of work that may be done by people who have been excluded, suspended, or debarred from federal or state contracts, grants, or programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. If you or someone you work with has been excluded, suspended, or debarred, has defaulted on student loans, or has lost a professional license, contact the Compliance Office at 275-1609, Office of Counsel at 275-8019, or the Integrity Hotline at 756-8888 (anonymous reports accepted).    Read more...

Library Road Closed July 2 to 5
Library Road will be closed Monday, July 2, through Thursday, July 5, for work on chilled water lines for the new University Health Services building. A flagman will be positioned at the corner of Library Road and Susan B. Anthony Drive to control traffic on the one-lane roadway. Pedestrians should use the marked path. (The road may reopen before July 5, depending on how the work progresses.) For questions or other assistance, call 273-5504. To subscribe to e-mail notifications for such projects, visit  


June 30
Eastman Drum Set Day Concert: Messinger Hall, Eastman School, 4 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

Dissent Magazine (Spring 2007)
"Pragmatist Hope"
A book review exploring the philosophical and political legacy of pragmatism features Democratic Hope: Pragmatism and the Politics of Truth, a collection of essays by Robert B. Westbrook, professor of history. "Democratic Hope is the rare work of intellectual history that is simultaneously a powerful contribution to political criticism," writes Casey Nelson Blake, professor of history and American studies at Columbia University.   Read more...

In Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education Online (June 28)
"CIA Documents Shed More Light on Agency's Interest in Student Dissenters"
"The Central Intelligence Agency's release on Tuesday of more than 700 documents detailing some of its most closely guarded secrets was a reminder of some of the agency's most notorious excesses—including political assassinations and eavesdropping on American journalists. But the document dump also shed a bit more light on the CIA's early interest in student dissenters, in the United States and elsewhere."   Read more...

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