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In Today's Issue

  • Discovery Points to New Sources of Ethanol
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Healthy Patients, Happy Doctors
  • Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Event Highlight: Funding a Business
  • Rochester in the News: John Treanor on Avian Flu Vaccines, Nael Saad on Angioplasty and Amputations
  • In Higher Ed: Does Tenure Really Work?

News and Announcements

Genome Sequencing Reveals a Key to Viable Ethanol Production
As the national push for alternative energy sources heats up, researchers at the University have for the first time identified how genes responsible for biomass breakdown are turned on in a microorganism that produces valuable ethanol from materials like grass and cornstalks.   Read more...

Rochester Students Take an Alternative Spring Break
Instead of heading to the beach or ski slopes, dozens of Rochester students will spend Spring Break helping to rebuild and strengthen other communities.   Read more...

For Healthier Patients, Create Happier Doctors
Thanks to a three-year, $462,000 grant from the Boston-based Physicians Foundation for Health System Excellence, 75 doctors in the Rochester area will take part in a program designed to reduce their stress levels and make them less prone to burnout.   Read more...

Simon to Host 2007 Rochester Entrepreneurship Conference
The Simon School is hosting the 2007 Rochester Entrepreneurship Conference on Friday, March 9. Keynote speakers are Thomas Golisano, founder of Paychex, and Ray Smilor, executive director of the Beyster Institute at the University of California at San Diego.    Read more...


March 8
Funding a Business: Louise Slaughter Conference Room (1-9555), Medical Center, 9 to 10 a.m.  

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Rochester in the News

CBS News (March 5)
"Vaccine May Treat Many Bird Flu Strains"
"If we had a vaccine that protected against all H5 viruses, maybe we wouldn't care about what new isolates (viruses) there might be," says John Treanor, professor of medicine. "But we're not at that point yet," he says. "We don't know enough about H5N1 and we need to keep a very close eye on it." (Also reported by Forbes, MSN Money, and Newsday, and others.)   Read more...

Scientific American (March 5)
"Angioplasty Shown to Save Legs and Feet"
"This study shows that with angioplasty and stenting, we can restore blood flow through the smallest vessels in the legs and keep them open long-term, saving these patients from life-altering amputation," says Nael Saad, a resident in imaging sciences, about new research findings out of the Medical Center.   Read more...

In Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education (March 9 issue)
"Does Tenure Really Work?"
"In all the research and debate thus far on the merits of tenure, one aspect of it has not been studied: whether it fulfills its original justification."   Read more...

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