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In Today's Issue

  • State Grant Jump-Starts Eastman Renovations
  • Faculty Featured on PBS
  • Developmental Psychologist Named to the Earl B. Taylor Professorship
  • Skalny Center Talk about Krakow
  • Community Health and the Environment
  • Event Highlight: Political Science Annual "Political Party"
  • Rochester in the News: Jill Halterman on Results of Asthma Survey, Richard Stahlhut on Chemical Linked to Obesity
  • In Higher Ed: Decline in Family-Medicine Residencies

News and Announcements

$8 Million State Grant Jump-Starts Next Phase of Renovations for Historic Eastman Theatre
An $8 million commitment from New York State will make it possible for the Eastman School to move forward on the second phase of renovations at the historic Eastman Theatre. The project is expected to cost $20 million.   Read more...

Faculty Featured in Spring PBS Programs
Two Rochester professors, Ted Supalla and Anthea Butler, are featured in PBS programs airing in the coming weeks. Supalla, director of the American Sign Language Program, appears in Through Deaf Eyes, a film on the history and experience of the deaf community in the United States, on March 21. Butler, an assistant professor of religion, served as a consultant and was interviewed for Sister Aimee, a documentary on early 20th-century evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, airing April 2.    Read more...

Developmental Psychologist Named to the Earl B. Taylor Professorship
Lucia French, a developmental psychologist and professor in the counseling and human development and teaching and curriculum programs at the Warner School of Education, has been appointed the Earl B. Taylor Professor of Education. She and Joanne Larson, the Michael W. Scandling Professor of Education, were officially installed during a ceremony on Friday in Rush Rhees Library.   Read more...

Anthropologist to give Skalny Center Talk about Krakow
Anna Niedźwiedź, an anthropologist from the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, will discuss "Mythical Vision of City: Krakow as a 'Pope's City'" on Monday, March 26, in Rush Rhees Library.    Read more...

Community Health Talk Kicks Off Urban Renew Conference
Tom Farley, chair of the Department of Community Health at Tulane University in New Orleans, will discuss the social and physical environmental determinants of health on Tuesday, March 20, at 7 p.m. at St. Monica Church, 831 Genesee Street. His talk is cosponsored by the Center for Community Health at the Medical Center and kicks off a three-day conference, "Design Matters 4: Emergence of Forgotten Neighborhoods."   Read more...


March 20
Political Science Annual "Political Party": Welles-Brown Room, Rush Rhees Library, 6:30 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

CBS News (March 15)
"Kids' Asthma Out of Control"
"We found inadequate treatment is still a problem. We found a large number of kids had persistent asthma symptoms but no medications," says Jill Halterman, associate professor of pediatrics and lead author of a survey-based study about children with persistent asthma.   Read more...

Washington Post (March 15)
"Are Common Chemicals Feeding Obesity Epidemic?"
"It's premature for folks to be alarmed," says Richard Stahlhut, a resident in preventive medicine and author of a new study linking a common chemical to obesity in males. "What is more alarming is the reason we are doing studies like this. Another study showed that testosterone levels had dropped about 22 percent in men, and that sperm counts had dropped to levels that are considered subfertile or infertile." (See the Medical Center news release.)   Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 16)
"Slump in Family-Medicine Residencies Raises Concern as Medical Students Get Match Day Assignments"
"In medical schools across the country, thousands of students tore open envelopes on Thursday to find out where they will spend the next several years training to be doctors. General surgery and obstetrics and gynecology were hot; family medicine was not, and that has educators worried."   Read more...

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