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In Today's Issue

  • Choice is Key for Smokers Hoping to Quit
  • Soft Contacts Designed for Cone-Shaped Cornea
  • Student Ensemble Performs at Kennedy Center
  • Young Alumnus Finds New Focus
  • Race Volunteers Needed
  • New Commencement Video
  • Event Highlight: Medical Lecture on Mitochondrial Disease
  • Rochester in the News: Asish Basu on Fate of Prehistoric Americans, Ralph Kuncl Named New Provost
  • In Higher Ed: Big Legal Victory for Teaching Hospitals

News and Announcements

Choice is a Key Element in Success for Smokers Who Want to Quit
Smokers who have a say in how they quit are more likely to try kicking the habit and are more successful, according to new research at the University.   Read more...

Soft Contacts Designed for Cone-Shaped Cornea
Custom-designed contact lenses developed by a team of University researchers offer new hope for those with rare but serious eye condition.   Read more...

Eastman Student Ensemble to Perform at Washington's Kennedy Center May 25
The ViM Saxophone Quartet will represent Eastman in the prestigious Conservatory Project of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Their talents will be showcased when they perform on Friday, May 25, at 6 p.m. in the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theatre as part of this ongoing concert series.   Read more...

Young Alumnus Finds New Focus
"When you are thrown into such a situation," Paul Averill '06 says of the car accident that left him paralyzed, "you either survive or you don't." By the time he graduated in May 2006, he had a job offer waiting from Barclays Capital in Manhattan.   Read more...

Cancer Center Seeks Volunteers for June 23 Race
The James P. Wilmot Cancer Center is looking for volunteers for the fourth annual Saturn Rochester Twilight Criterium, an international professional bicycle race set for Saturday, June 23.   Read more...

New Commencement Video
See the latest video from the College Commencement ceremony on May 20.   Read more...


May 24
Gilbert B. Forbes Visiting Scholar Lecture: Whipple Auditorium, Medical Center. Noon.  

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Rochester in the News

New Scientist (May 22)
"Did a Comet Wipe out Prehistoric Americans?"
Asish Basu, professor of earth and environmental sciences, comments on research findings presented this week that indicate the Clovis people, who flourished around 13,000 years ago, were wiped out by a comet that entered the Earth's atmosphere.   Read more...

Rochester Business Journal (May 22)
"Neuroscientist Named UR Provost"
Coverage of Tuesday's announcement that Ralph Kuncl has been named provost of the University.   Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (May 22)
"Big Legal Victory for Teaching Hospitals"
"Universities and hospitals that train doctors won a potentially huge victory Friday in a long-running, many-million-dollar legal fight with the Internal Revenue Service."   Read more...

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