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In Today's Issue

  • Chuck Mangione to Receive Eastman Award
  • How to Start a Career
  • Post-Retirement Benefits
  • Event Highlight: Artist's Reception
  • Rochester in the News: President Seligman on SEC Chairman Christopher Cox
  • In Higher Ed: MLA Calls for Undergraduate Reform

News and Announcements

Chuck Mangione to Receive the Eastman School Alumni Achievement Award
The Eastman School will present noted jazz musician Chuck Mangione '63E with its Alumni Achievement Award on Sunday, May 27.   Read more...

How to Start a Career
The College's Career Center helps guide students through internships, externships, and other experiences to land that first job.   Read more...

Session Covers Post-Retirement Benefits
The Benefits Office is offering an information session for employees who are eligible for University retirement benefits. The session at noon on May 30 at the Medical Center covers post-retirement benefits, how to save for retirement, and distribution options available at retirement.   Read more...


May 29
Artist's Reception: Featuring Kelly Hider and the new exhibition A Veiled Understanding of Artificial Environments. Gallery at the Art & Music Library. 5 p.m.  

For more events:

Rochester in the News (May 24)
"Cox Sets Off Alarms Over Investor Rights After Recent SEC Moves"
President Seligman comments on SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and concerns that the SEC might replace shareholder lawsuits with arbitration. "This is like the nuclear bomb issue from Cox," says Seligman. "To so radically change the structure of securities-dispute resolution should only occur if Congress weighs in."   Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (May 24)
"Broader Vision for Languages"
"MLA issues call to reform the undergraduate major, moving it beyond literary study and rethinking the traditional division of labor in teaching."   Read more...

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