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In Today's Issue

  • International Education Week Starts Monday
  • Arnot Health Collaborates with the University
  • The Midnight Ramblers Perform Nov. 17
  • Plutzik Series Hosts Novelist Anthony Giardina
  • Raising Children in a Toxic World
  • Jinjiang Pang Wins Award from American Heart Association
  • Event Highlight: Viennese Ball
  • Rochester in the News: John Treanor Discusses Booster Shot Study , Eastman Music Ensemble Accmpanies Garth Fagan Dance in New York City
  • In Higher Ed: $5-Billion Deal for Green Projects on Colleges

News and Announcements

International Education Week Starts Monday
On November 16, a panel of experts will offer a series of activities and ideas to challenge the very perceptions and expectations of cultural differences that often lead to communication breakdowns. The half-day session, "Successful Strategies for Communication with International Students, Scholars, and Employees," is part of a week-long series of events all tied to International Education Week, November 12 to 16.   Read more...

Arnot Health's Falck Cancer Center Collaborates with the University
Arnot Health's Falck Cancer Center in Elmira has established an affiliation with the James P. Wilmot Community Oncology Network to expand patient access to the newest therapies and cutting-edge treatments, educational programs, and clinical research.   Read more...

The Midnight Ramblers Perform Nov. 17
The Midnight Ramblers, a male a cappella student group whose music has been recognized internationally, will perform arrangements from their latest CD Manifesto! on Nov. 17 in Strong Auditorium at 8 p.m.    Read more...

Plutzik Series Hosts Novelist Anthony Giardina
Author and playwright Anthony Giardina will give a Plutzik Series reading on Nov. 13 in Rush Rhees Library at 8 p.m. Giardina is a visiting assistant professor of English for the 2007-08 year.   Read more...

Raising Children in a Toxic World
Philip Landrigan, a leading expert on the environmental and children's health, will give a public talk on "Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World" on Nov. 13.   Read more...

Jinjiang Pang Wins Award from American Heart Association
Jinjiang Pang, a post-doctorate fellow within the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, has won the Cournand and Comroe Young Investigator Prize in Cardiopulmonary and Critical Care for her work on the genetic mechanisms that control how blood vessels form in the lungs of a developing fetus.    Read more...


Nov. 10
Viennese Ball: One of the University's most elegant social affairs. Wilson Commons. 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance online or at the Common Market; $13 at the door.  

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Rochester in the News

Wall Street Journal (Nov. 8)
"Booster-Shot Frequency Is Questioned in Study"
John Treanor, professor of medicine and of microbiology and immunology, discusses a new study that questions whether Americans need booster shots as frequently as is currently recommended.    Read more...

New York Times (Nov. 8)
"A Departure Adds Colors to the Palette"
The "thorny and tender music" performed by an ensemble from the Eastman School is noted in a review of the Garth Fagan Dance opening of "Edge/Joy" in New York City.   Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov. 8)
"Clinton Foundation Arranges $5-Billion Deal to Help Colleges Finance Energy-Efficiency Projects"
"For colleges that have had an eye toward replacing an energy-sucking furnace or the drafty windows in an old building, yet have not had the money to pay for such projects, help may be on the way."    Read more...

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