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In Today's Issue

  • Stokes Named Director of Interfaith Chapel and M.K. Gandhi Institute
  • Memorial Service Planned for Henry Kyburg
  • 'Always Better' Talks to Address Cancer, Burns
  • Medical Center Guidelines for Holiday Decorations
  • Are You Compliant?
  • Event Highlight: Reimagining the Americas
  • Rochester in the News: Emma Robertson Blackmore Discusses How Work Friends Help Prevent Depression, Jonathan Burdick on the Small College Experience
  • In Higher Ed: Threatened Veto of Spending Bill

News and Announcements

Stokes Named Director of Interfaith Chapel and M.K. Gandhi Institute
Allison Stokes, founding director of the Women's Interfaith Institute and a pastor for 26 years in the United Church of Christ, has been named the new director of the Interfaith Chapel and of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence.   

Memorial Service Planned for Henry Kyburg
A memorial service for Henry Kyburg Jr. will be held on Friday, Jan. 18, at 3 p.m. in the Hawkins-Carlson Room of Rush Rhees Library. A renowned and respected professor of philosophy and computer science, Kyburg died of acute pancreatitis Oct. 30.   

'Always Better' Talks to Address Cancer, Burns
The Always Better series features sessions on bladder cancer on Dec. 3 and burns on Dec. 4.   Read more...

Medical Center Guidelines for Holiday Decorations
Environmental Health and Safety has posted a set of guidelines for using holiday decorations. The guidelines outline precautions to take to avoid fire hazards in patient-care areas and other Medical Center facilities.   Read more...

Are You Compliant?
As participants in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, the health care divisions of the University are subject to many laws that are designed to prevent health care fraud. Employees who work in the University's health care divisions need to be aware of these laws and need to know what to do when they suspect that there is a billing problem. To help staff understand these laws and the University's expectations, the University has adopted a compliance education policy that all health care employees are expected to read. The policy, which was recently revised, is available online. If you have questions about the policy or about health care compliance, contact the Medical Center Compliance Office at 275-1609. Calls also can be made anonymously to the Integrity Hotline at 756-8888.   


Wednesday, Nov. 14
Reimagining the Americas: Talk by writer Maryse Conde. Sponsored by the Humanities Project. Gowen Room, Wilson Commons. 5 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

New York Times (Nov. 12)
"The Value of a Friend in the Next Cubicle"
Emma Robertson Blackmore, assistant professor of psychiatry and lead author of a recent study on the relationship between work stress and depression, says that work friendships lower job stress and the risk for major depression.    Read more...

Miami Herald (Nov. 11)
"Colleges Come in All Sizes, and One Size Does Not Fit All"
In an article on the pros and cons of school size, Jonathan Burdick, dean of admissions and financial aid, explains that "every kind of group is smaller at smaller colleges, so you find groups mixing more. Your social horizons and new connections expand because you're more likely to spend time with people who are less like you."    Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov. 16)
"Colleges Would Reap More Than $267-Million in Earmarks in Spending Bill before Bush"
"Academe is a major beneficiary of noncompetitive grants in a spending bill that Congress sent to President Bush last week. About a quarter of the bill's $1.048-billion in earmarked projects would go to colleges and universities. Mr. Bush, however, has threatened to veto the bill."   Read more...

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