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  • Federal Funding Renewed for the Laser Lab
  • Help Name the New Yellowjacket
  • Drug for Stopping Labor May Harm Babies
  • Reminder: Crosswalk Safety
  • Flu Vaccine Clinic
  • Ossia Pays Tribute to John Graham in Nov. 27 Concert
  • Event Highlight: Saxophonist Chien-Kwan Lin
  • Rochester in the News: Research on Cranberries Cited
  • In Higher Ed: Elite Private Universities Consider Expansion

News and Announcements

Department of Energy's NNSA to Renew its Agreement for Laboratory for Laser Energetics
The U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration will renew funding for the Laboratory for Laser Energetic. According to Laboratory Director Robert L. McCrory, the five-year contract will make possible up to $351 million in funding and allow the Laboratory's more than 500 employees and students to continue their research into the development of controlled, thermonuclear fusion energy sources and high energy density physics. (Reported in the Rochester Business Journal and the Democrat and Chronicle.)   Read more...

Help Name the New Yellowjacket
newmascotneedsaname The University's formidable new mascot is in need of a new name. Submit your suggestions now through Dec. 14 online. A committee of students, faculty, and staff will review the suggestions and select the top five names. Voting for the final selection will begin in January.   

Common Drug for Stopping Preterm Labor May Be Harmful for Babies
A drug commonly used to halt premature labor may be associated with brain damage and intestinal issues in premature babies, according to a new analysis of studies by Medical Center researchers.   Read more...

Reminder: Crosswalk Safety
The University is urging faculty, staff, and students to exercise caution when using crosswalks near campuses. Look for a sign of recognition that drivers see you and avoid using cell phones or personal music devices while crossing. Use designated crosswalks only. Always walk bicycles rather than ride them across and wear light-colored or reflective outer garments at night.    Read more...

Flu Vaccine Clinic
University Health Services is holding a flu vaccine clinic for faculty, staff, students, and spouses on Wednesday, Nov. 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Green Lounge in Hutchison Hall. The cost is $25 if not covered by insurance.   

Ossia Pays Tribute to John Graham in Nov. 27 Concert
Ossia, Eastman's student-run new music ensemble, honors Professor of Viola John Graham in a Nov. 27 concert in Kilbourn Hall at 8 p.m. Graham, who will retire this spring after 19 years at Eastman, performs "Sketches for Viola," a work by Andrew Colella '08.    Read more...


Nov. 26
Saxophonist Chien-Kwan Lin: Eastman Faculty Artist Series. Kilbourn Hall. 8 p.m.  

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Rochester in the News

ABC News (Nov. 21)
"Give Thanks: Cranberries, Best of Super Foods"
University research showing that the flavonoids in cranberries fight off the bacterium that causes tooth decay is cited in an article on the health benefits of the red berries.    Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov. 23)
"Is Bigger Any Better?"
With record numbers of applicants and endowment coffers more flush than ever, Ivy League institutions may begin admitting more students.    Read more...

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