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In Today's Issue

  • Freshmen Pitch in for Wilson Day 2007
  • Comedy Central Live Comes to Campus
  • Classes Start Today
  • Gilbert and Sullivan Online
  • School of Nursing Convocation
  • Event Highlight: Women's Glee Club Auditions
  • Rochester in the News: Jack Werren On Species-to-Species Gene Transfer, University Astronomers on Water in a Planet-forming Region, Roger Kurlan on Tourette's
  • In Higher Ed: Post-Virginia Tech Security Reforms Anticipated

News and Announcements

Freshmen Befriend Nonprofit Agencies on Wilson Day
Wilson DayOn Saturday, Sept. 1, more than 700 undergraduates assisted local organizations as part of Wilson Day. Organizer Danchi Nguyen, a senior from Murray, Utah, chose "with a little help from my friends" as this year's theme.

Pictured left: Four freshmen plant tall grass in front of a church on S. Clinton Ave. Justin Chan of Denver (center) is joined by (from left) Heather Pedrin, also of Denver; Alisa Litan of Rockville, Md.; and Elizabeth Wu of Pittsford, N.Y.


Comedy Central Live Comes to Campus
Comedy Central's Mike Birbiglia and Christian Finnegan bring their nationwide tour to Strong Auditorium at 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7. Tickets are $5 for undergraduates, $12 for the University community, and $20 for the public.    Read more...

Classes Start Today
Students in the College, Eastman School, Warner School, and School of Nursing start classes today.   

Gilbert and Sullivan Online
The online exhibition Gilbert and Sullivan: From London to America features autograph letters and drawings by Gilbert and Sullivan, posters, programs and souvenirs from the original productions, and more.   Read more...

School of Nursing Convocation
The School of Nursing opens its academic year with a convocation ceremony today at 11 a.m. in the Loretta C. Ford Education Wing.   Read more...


Sept. 4
Women's Glee Club Auditions: Open to all. Todd Union 108. 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.  

For more events:

Rochester in the News

Washington Post (Aug. 30)
"One Species' Genome Found Within Another"
Jack Werren, professor of biology, discusses research published Aug. 30 in Science that documents the transfer of one organism's entire genetic material into the genome of a different species. The findings have fundamental implications for evolution. (Also reported by Forbes, The Scientist, NY, CBC News Canada, COSMOS Magazine Australia, and The Guardian Unlimited.)    Read more...

Time (August 30)
"Sleet Storm in Space"
"If the Rochester astronomers are right, the idea that comets are pristine remnants of the material from which our solar system originally formed isn't going to hold up." (Also reported by BBC News, Times of India, and Astrobiology Magazine.)    Read more...

Newsweek (Sept. 3)
"A New Approach to Stopping Tics Before They Happen Offers Hope to Thousands who Live with the Disorder."
Roger Kurlan, professor of neurology, questions the effectiveness of behavior therapy in suppressing tics caused by Tourette's.    Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Aug. 31)
"Review Panel's Report Could Reverberate Beyond Virginia Tech and Virginia"
"A hard-hitting report by a state panel on last spring's massacre at Virginia Tech could have an effect beyond the Blacksburg, Va., campus and the state border as colleges nationwide consider whether to adopt new policies dealing with security, emergency preparedness, and mental-health issues prompted by the country's worst campus shooting, higher-education experts say."   Read more...

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