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@Rochester — Feb. 1, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Medical Center Unveils New Identity
  • Anti-Parasite Drug Provides New Way to Attack HIV
  • Black History Month Events Online
  • The Art of Voicing Organ Pipes
  • Learn about MRIs, PETs, and CTs
  • Event Highlight: Janet Berlo Lecture
  • Rochester in the News: Michael Pichichero's Study on Mercury in Vaccines
  • In Higher Ed: Colleges Commit to Public Measures of Student Learning

News and Announcements

Medical Center LogoMedical Center Unveils New Identity
The Medical Center today unveiled a new comprehensive branding strategy to establish a more cohesive identity for the institution and its affiliates, and to celebrate its rich legacy as one of the nation’s first academic medical centers. The new brand strategy includes a new logo, a unified name for all of the Medical Center’s diverse components, and a new advertising campaign that will communicate the changes to the Rochester community. (See related coverage in the Democrat and Chronicle.) Read more... 

Anti-Parasite Drug Provides New Way to Attack HIV
A drug already used to treat parasitic infections, and once looked at for cancer, also attacks the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in a new and powerful way, according to research published today online in the open access journal Retrovirology. Read more...

Black History Month Events Online
In honor of Black History Month, which officially begins today, the University hosts a selection of lectures, exhibitions, and concerts celebrating African-American heritage. Find descriptions, dates, and times for all of the events on the Black History Month Web page.

Lecture-Demonstrations Reveal the Art of Voicing Organ Pipes
Master organ builder Munetaka Yokota, who is voicing the pipes of the new organ under construction in Christ Church in Rochester, is giving a series of lectures with demonstrations that are open to faculty and students. Part of the Humanities Project, "The Organ in Society: Culture and Technology" explores the art of voicing and the scientific factors that affect the sound of each pipe. The series includes a lecture today, Feb. 1, at 4 p.m. at Christ Church, 141 East Ave. Details on future lectures are at the Humanities Project Web site.

MRIs, PETs, and CTs: Today's Imaging Techniques
Learn about the science behind the many different imaging techniques being used to diagnose and treat disease today. “X-rays to Imaging: Questions and Answers about Modern Radiology” will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at The Highlands at Pittsford’s Hahnemann Club, 301 Stoutenburgh Lane. Read more... 


Sunday, Feb. 3
Janet Berlo lecture: "American Quilts as American History: The Lives and Works of Five Quilters." Berlo, professor of art history and visual and cultural studies, is co-curator of the Memorial Art Gallery's Wild by Design exhibition. The talk is at the gallery at 3 p.m.

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Rochester in the News

Newsweek (Jan. 30)
"Mercury from Vaccines Disappears Quickly
Michael Pichichero, professor of microbiology/immunology, pediatrics, and medicine, discusses his study showing that mercury from vaccines in small children seems to disappear rapidly from the blood. "The study supports the decision by the World Health Organization to continue to permit thimerosal to remain in vaccines for the world's children," said Pichichero, noting that thimerosal vaccines are cheaper to produce and therefore more accessible to much of the world. (Also reported by LA Times, MSNBC, USA Today, Scientific American, NPR, Reuters, AP, Fox News, Newsday, WHEC TV10 and others.)

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (Jan. 31)
"Calling Out Colleges on Student Learning
"Two major higher education associations released a statement Wednesday designed to make clear (to Margaret Spellings and whoever else might be listening) that college leaders are fully committed to meeting the call for collecting and making public more and better information about how and what students learn. " Read more...

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