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University of Rochester News (August 12, 2008) 08/12/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: August 12, 2008

@Rochester: August 12, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Canadian Youth Takes Top Prize in Eastman Piano Competition
  • Psychologist Awarded Honorary Membership
  • Warner Hosts Information Session for Employees
  • Event Highlight: Chivalry—Knights and the Knightly Ethos
  • Rochester in the News: Jonathan Burdick on Harvard's New Financial Aid Rules, Thomas Jackson on the Limits of Bankruptcy Law
  • In Higher Education: Ireland Welcomes Foreign Students

News and Announcements

Canadian Youth Takes Top Prize in Eastman Piano Competition

Tie-Dan Yao, 16, of Calgary, Alberta, was awarded first prize after the final round of the 2008 Eastman Young Artists International Piano Competition in Kilbourn Hall. Read more...

Psychologist Awarded Honorary Membership

The German Psychological Society, Germany's preeminent academic psychological association, has awarded an honorary membership to Richard Ryan, professor of psychology, psychiatry, and education. Read more...

Warner Hosts Information Session for Employees

The Warner School of Education is hosting an information session about its professional programs on Thursday, August 14, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Rush Rhees Library. All faculty and staff are invited to attend. RSVP by contacting Charles Ackley in admissions at or 275-3950. Read more...


Through September 5

Chivalry—Knights and the Knightly Ethos: Rush Rhees Library. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

Newsweek (August 9)

"A Financial Earthquake"

"We got calls from students right away saying, 'Harvard did this. Are you going to match them?'" says Jonathan Burdick, dean of admissions and financial aid, about Harvard's decision late last year to overhaul its financial aid rules. "My concern is the larger signal to the marketplace about what education should cost." Read more...

New York Times (August 9)

"Crisis Averted. What of the Next One?"

Thomas Jackson, president emeritus and Distinguished University Professor, comments on the limitations of bankruptcy laws and judicial processes to manage large-scale financial crises. "Judicial processes respond, in general, to the parties before them, and are thus poorly suited to make systemwide judgments or decisions," says Jackson, who suggests that "some new kind of system, with an overlay of agency functions on top of a judicial process may be necessary." Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (August 11)

"More Than Yeats and Joyce"

"The republic's Higher Education Authority has just announced plans to double the number of full-time foreign university students in Ireland over the next 10 years. While short on specifics, the independent statutory body believes Irish higher education needs to acquire a far greater international focus and integrate non-Irish students into local colleges." Read more...

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