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University of Rochester News (September 16, 2008) 09/16/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: Sept. 16, 2008

@Rochester: Sept. 16, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Croatian Author to Discuss Book Tonight
  • First 3-D Processor Runs at 1.4 Ghz on New Architecture
  • Symposium Looks at Music and Globalization
  • Nursing Awarded Robert Wood Johnson Grant for Scholarships
  • Eastman Students Head to Moscow to Break New Ground
  • Event Highlight: Employee Benefits Expo
  • Rochester in the News: Anthea Butler on Sarah Palin's Religious View, Marjorie Hunter on Tech Transfer
  • In Higher Education: New Test for Bias in Peer Review

News and Announcements

Croatian Author to Discuss Book Tonight for 'World Conversation Series'

Croatian author Dubravka Ugresic, whose book Nobody's Home is the first published by Open Letter, will discuss her work tonight, kicking off a new program of public events called "Reading the World Conversation Series." Ugresic will be joined by translator Damion Searls at 6 p.m. in the Hawkins-Carlson Room of Rush Rhees Library. Read more...

First 3-D Processor Runs at 1.4 Ghz on New Architecture

The next major advance in computer processors will likely be the move from today's two-dimensional chips to three-dimensional circuits, and the first three-dimensional synchronization circuitry is now running at 1.4 gigahertz at the University. Read more...

Symposium Looks at Music and Globalization

A series of concerts and presentations during the Eastman School's Music and Globalization Symposium, Sept. 19-20, will examine how issues of cultural self-representation play out in changing and overlapping musical styles. Read more...

Nursing Awarded Grant to Provide Scholarships for Accelerated Programs

The School of Nursing is among the first institutions in the nation to receive funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to provide scholarships for people with bachelor's degrees in other fields who wish to pursue careers in nursing. Read more...

Eastman Students Head to Moscow to Break New Ground

Eastman School Professor of Piano Natalya Antonova and three Eastman students have been invited to the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, marking the first time Eastman students have been invited to perform in a major school of music in Russia. The four are scheduled to leave today for the Russian capital, where they will give a recital titled "Professor and Her Students" on Saturday, Sept. 20. 


Wednesday, September 17

Employee Benefits Expo: Sarah Flaum Atrium, Medical Center. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

ABC World News (September 14)

"Sarah Palin's Faith"

During Sunday evening's broadcast of ABC World News, Anthea Butler, assistant professor of religion, offered insight on how Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's religion may shape her approach to leadership. "Sarah Palin, if she was just a plain Evangelical woman, would have a tough time thinking that she could be VP," says Butler. "An evangelical woman might have issues with submission. What's gonna happen with my kids? But a Pentecostal woman is saying, 'God is calling me, I'm gonna answer this call.'" Read more... (September 12)

"Universities That Turn Research Into Revenue"

Marjorie Hunter, associate vice president and director of the Medical Center's Office of Technology Transfer, comments on licensing discoveries: "It used to be more taboo, and there were some questions of business getting in the way of pure science," says Hunter. "Scientists find it really satisfying to see patients benefit from basic research." Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (September 15)

"New Test for Bias in Peer Review"

"Peer review is supposed to assure fair consideration of scholars' work for placement in journals, the awarding of grants and so forth. But many have their doubts and believe that fairness is much more theory than practice. Many scientists say in fact that incompetence and bias hinder the peer review process." Read more...

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