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University of Rochester News (May 7, 2008) 05/07/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: May 7, 2008
@Rochester: May 7, 2008
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In Today's Issue
  • Composer, Critic Greg Sandow Will Address Eastman Graduating Class
  • Telemedicine Could Eradicate Many Expensive ED Visits
  • Eastman Musicians in Spotlight to Help Promote N.Y. Tourism
  • Event Highlight: Talk by RCSD Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard
  • Rochester in the News: Ruth Lawrence on Breastfeeding's Benefits, Curt Smith on GOP's Vice Presidential Pick
  • Inside Higher Ed: Minorities in Engineering
News and Announcements
Composer, Critic Greg Sandow Will Address Eastman Graduating Class
Composer and veteran critic Greg Sandow, whose observations about the future of classical music are based on three decades of his work, will address graduates at the Eastman School's 83rd annual commencement on Sunday, May 18. Read more...
Telemedicine Could Eradicate Many Expensive ED Visits
A community-wide study in upstate New York found that nearly 28 percent of all visits to the pediatric emergency department could have been replaced with a more cost-effective Internet doctor's "visit," or telemedicine, according to investigators from the Medical Center. Read more...
Eastman Musicians in Spotlight to Help Promote N.Y. Tourism
Seven Eastman School musicians took part in a media event yesterday with Gov. David Paterson for the relaunching of the "I Love NY" campaign.
Wednesday, May 7
For more events:
Rochester in the News
Washington Post (May 5)
"Breast-Feeding May Boost IQ"
Ruth Lawrence, a professor of pediatrics, comments on new study results that indicate breastfeeding may boost I.Q. scores. "I'm not surprised because many studies have had similar results."  Lawrence notes that mother's milk contains cholesterol and certain amino acids not found in formula, both of which are important for brain development. Read more...
The Buffalo News (May 4)
"Is GOP Too Biased to Tap Huckabee for Vice President?"
"While Democrats duel, the unofficial Republican nominee considers a vice president. John McCain should start by asking what he needs," writes Curt Smith, senior lecturer in the English department, in an opinion piece.
In Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed (May 2)
"A Closer Look at Minorities in Engineering"
"In confronting the 'gathering storm' of declining competitiveness in the global marketplace, policy makers and business leaders often point to the importance of foreign students and international education in boosting both research and the American work force. A new report released on Thursday argues instead that the solution lies at home, 'untapped,' waiting for the nation to wake up to the 'quiet crisis' of minority underrepresentation in engineering-related fields." Read more...
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