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University of Rochester News (May 20, 2008) 05/20/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: May 20, 2008

@Rochester: May 20, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Ladi Iya Named Women's Volleyball Coach
  • Vaccine Triggers Immune Response, Prevents Alzheimer's
  • New Rochester Program Drives Teens to Be Smarter on the Road
  • Separation from Mom, Dad Linked with Learning Trouble in Kids
  • Event Highlight: Diversity Panel Follow Up
  • Rochester in the News: Commencement Celebrated; Omega Laser Gets a Powerful Boost
  • Inside Higher Ed: The 'Supply Side' of Study Abroad

News and Announcements

Ladi Iya Named Women's Volleyball Coach

Ladi IyaLadi Iya, a woman with extensive playing and coaching experience at the highest levels of the game, is the new head women's volleyball coach. "I am very excited to have Ladi joining our staff," says George VanderZwaag, the director of athletics. "She brings a tremendously rich background in the game and has experience coaching at a very high level." Read more...

Vaccine Triggers Immune Response, Prevents Alzheimer's

A vaccine created by Medical Center scientists prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease-like pathology in mice without causing inflammation or significant side effects. Read more...

New Rochester Program Drives Teens to Be Smarter on the Road

County Executive Maggie Brooks has teamed up with Allstate representatives and members of Rochester's Injury Free Coalition for Kids to launch a new community-based "Drive Smarter" initiative. Read more...

Separation from Mom, Dad Linked with Learning Trouble in Kids

In the wake of divorce, illness, violence, and other problems that can unsettle homes, countless young children are liable to experience temporary separations from one or both parents before packing their knapsack for kindergarten. Published in the May/June issue of Ambulatory Pediatrics, a Medical Center study warns that such kids are at increased risk for learning difficulties. Read more...


Wednesday, May 21

Diversity Panel Follow Up: Medical Center, Class of '62 Auditorium. Noon to 1 p.m.

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Rochester in the News

R News (May 18)

"UR Celebrates 158th Commencement"

"Finding something you have passion for is probably the most important aspect of being successful," Anne Mulcahy told 1,700 graduates and undergraduates at the University's 158th Commencement. The Xerox CEO also announced a $1 million gift from her company to the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center. (Also reported by WHEC TV10, WROC TV8, Democrat and Chronicle.) Read more...

R News (May 16)

"Omega Laser Gets a Powerful Boost"

"The laser lab has changed the face of science in many areas in man's quest to unlock the secrets of the universe," said President Joel Seligman at the dedication of the University's enhanced Omega EP Laser at the Laboratory for Laser Energetic on May 16. (Also reported by Democrat and Chronicle, Slashdot.) Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Education (May 19)

"The 'Supply Side' of Study Abroad"

"A new survey, released today, looks beyond the 'demand' side of the [Study Abroad] equation—the American colleges pushing for an increased focus on international education—to the 'supply' of available programs and finds that responding institutions in Europe and elsewhere overwhelmingly seek to attract American students, along with those from other major 'sending' countries." Read more...

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