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University of Rochester News (May 22, 2008) 05/22/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester


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In Today's Issue

  • Treatment for Potentially Fatal Heart Condition Changes with Age
  • New International Relations Major Offers Grounding in World Politics
  • Sports Medicine Offers Free Taste of Training Camp
  • Heart Rhythm Disorder Study (Link Correction)
  • Event Highlight: Nature Photography Exhibit
  • Rochester in the News: Omega EP Laser Featured; Kevin Walter on Senator Kennedy's Brain Tumor
  • Inside Higher Ed: Colleges Switch to Four-Day Week to Save Energy

News and Announcements

Treatment for Potentially Fatal Heart Condition Changes with Age

Doctors now make more informed decisions on how to treat an electrical disorder of the heart, thanks to a series of decades-long, Rochester-based studies. The two latest studies in the series, published recently in the journal Circulation, further defined the ideal treatments for the youngest and oldest of patients with Long QT syndrome and concluded that they are not the same. Read more...

New International Relations Major Offers Grounding in World Politics

Building on growing student interest in world affairs and the expertise of one the nation's top ranked political science departments, the University has created a major in international relations.  The new program was formally approved by the New York State Department of Education this spring. Read more...

Sports Medicine Offers Free Taste of Training Camp

Rochester area athletes have the opportunity to get a sneak peak at a Performance Enhancement Camp designed by physicians and athletic trainers at University Sports Medicine to help increase power and flexibility, as well as decrease their risk of injury, especially ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears. Read more...

Cardiologists Awarded $2.3 Million to Study Heart Rhythm Disorder

A team of cardiologists at the Medical Center has won a four-year, $2.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue its study of a cardiac condition that places teens at risk for sudden death.  (This item was included in Wednesday's issue, however, the link did not work.) Read more...


Wednesday, May 21

Nature Photography Exhibit: Medical Center, Miner Library.

For more events:

Rochester in the News, Massachusetts (May 20)

"Omega Laser - Petawatt Power"

The Omega EP Laser, which has quadrillion watts of power that can focus on a target just a millimeter across, is featured in this article. The new enhanced laser  "could open the door to a new concept that may be able to dramatically increase the energy derived from fusion experiments and provide new inroads towards cleaner fusion power." Read more...

WROC TV8 (May 20)

"Wilmot Cancer Center Doctors Weigh In on Kennedy Prognosis"

Kevin Walter, associate professor of neurological surgery, comments on Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy's brain tumor diagnosis: "It's actually not uncommon from patients to present exactly the way Senator Kennedy did which is to have a seizure out of the blue." Read more...

In Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 21)

"Longer Days and Darker Nights as Colleges Adjust to Soaring Energy Costs"

Seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, colleges introduce regional shuttle services, online carpool programs, and a four-day work week during the summer.

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