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@Rochester: June 1, 2009

@Rochester: June 1, 2009

Special Announcement

Mark Taubman Named Acting CEO at Medical Center

President Seligman announced today that Mark Taubman (at right), chair of the Department of Medicine, will serve as acting CEO of the Medical Center while Bradford Berk recuperates from a serious spinal injury.

Since Berk was appointed Medical Center CEO in 2006, he has presided over the creation of an ambitious strategic plan and has successfully guided the $1.4 billion enterprise through a difficult economic climate. The goal, said Seligman, is to maintain the Medical Center's considerable forward momentum while Berk recovers.

"Brad Berk was my first choice to lead the Medical Center three years ago and he is still my first choice to lead this Medical Center. I look forward to him being the CEO of our Medical Center for years to come," Seligman said. "But, there's no question that, for the foreseeable future, Brad will need to devote his full attention and energies to his recovery. We owe it to him to give him the opportunity to do that."

Seligman noted the strong and experienced leadership team already in place at the Medical Center, but acknowledged that it's necessary to have a single leader with decision-making ability for the entire Medical Center.

"Mark is the right leader at this time," Seligman said. "He's an accomplished scientist, educator, and clinician who has earned the respect of faculty and administrative leaders. He's eminently qualified, has a proven ability to make tough decisions, and he's ready for the task. He's deeply committed to the strategic vision that Brad has developed with the Medical Center leadership. Read more...

Dr. Berk's Medical Condition: Send Messages, Receive Updates
The Medical Center has created a Web site where people can post a message for Dr. Berk and read updates on his medical condition.

Dr. Berk's family is grateful for the outpouring of support from the University community and beyond. They request that, in lieu of flowers and cards, well-wishers leave a message on the new Web site. 

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