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University of Rochester News (June 6, 2008) 06/06/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: June 6, 2008

@Rochester: June 6, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Researchers Awarded $6.5M to Study Benefits of Nurse Home Visits
  • Eastman Musicians Earn Grand Prize in Chamber Music Competition
  • Matthew Burns Named College Dean of Students
  • Event Highlight: Simon School Commencement
  • Rochester in the News: Steve Goldman on New Stem Cell Research Findings
  • In Higher Ed: Assessing the P-16 Phenomenon

News and Announcements

Researchers Awarded $6.5M to Study Benefits of Nurse Home Visits for At-Risk Mothers and Children

University researchers have received a $6.5 million grant to further research and expand an initiative proven to enhance the health and safety of at-risk mothers and reduce rates of maltreatment in their children. Read more...

Matthew Burns Named College Dean of Students

Matthew Burns, who has served since October as acting dean of students, has been named the new College dean of students at the University. Read more...

Eastman Musicians Earn Grand Prize in Chamber Music Competition

In what judges described as an "astounding performance," Arabesque Winds, a woodwind quintet composed of Eastman School of Music musicians, won the Grand Prize in the 2008 International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition. Read more...


Sunday, June 8

Simon School Commencement: Eastman Theatre. 10 a.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

U.S. News & Report (June 4)

"Human Stem Cell Transplant Helps Brain-Impaired Mice"

"The neurological recovery and survival of the mice receiving transplants was in sharp contrast to the fate of their untreated controls, which uniformly died by five months," says Steve Goldman, professor of neurosurgery and neurology, about new findings out of the Medical Center that indicate human stem cells can dramatically improve the condition of mice with a neurological condition similar to a set of diseases in children that are invariably fatal. (Also reported by MSNBC, BBC News UK, Washington Post, and many others.) Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (June 5)

"Assessing the P-16 Phenomenon"

"As state policy makers and educators have increasingly focused on the frequent disconnect between the sectors of elementary, secondary and higher education, most states have seized on at least one common answer to the problem: P-16 councils aimed at getting the sectors talking to each other and working together to provide more consistency throughout the educational pipeline." Read more...

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