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University of Rochester News (June 10, 2008) 06/10/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: June 10, 2008

@Rochester: June 10, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Mountain Ranges Rise Much More Rapidly than Geologists Expected
  • Cancer Patients Report Less Fatigue While Taking Narcolepsy Drug
  • Workshop Focuses on Caring for the Elderly
  • Event Highlight: Stress Management in Work and Family
  • Rochester in the News: Michael Maloney on Young Baseball Players and Injuries
  • In Higher Ed: Off the Tenure Track

News and Announcements

Mountain Ranges Rise Much More Rapidly than Geologists Expected

Mountains may experience a "growth spurt" that can double their heights in as little as two to four million years—several times faster than the prevailing tectonic theory suggests, according to new findings by Carmala Garzione, associate professor of geology. (See coverage by MSNBC, New Scientist UK, and National Geographic.) Read more...

Cancer Patients Report Less Fatigue While Taking Narcolepsy Drug

Results of a large, phase III clinical study directed by Professor Gary Morrow show that the drug modafinil (Provigil) alleviated severe cancer-related fatigue for many patients, paving the way for the first reliable treatment for this debilitating and common side effect. Read more...

Workshop Focuses on Caring for the Elderly

Are you caring for an elderly relative or a support system for someone who is? Strong EAP and the Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly are cosponsoring a workshop on Thursday, June 12, at the Medical Center. Read more...


Tuesday, June 10

Stress Management in Work and Family: Part of the Health Bites series. Medical Center. Noon to 1 p.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

USA Today (June 8)

"Young baseball players increasingly face injury, surgery"

Michael Maloney, associate professor of orthopaedics, says parents and coaches can't expect teens to tell them when their arms are tired, and they need to limit players' pitches during practice and in games. "Kids are ashamed if they don't throw through pain or have to take time off due to injury." Throwing too many pitches in one game is one of the most common causes of injury, Maloney says. Read more...

In Higher Education

Inside Higher Ed (June 6)

"Age, Experience and Bias"

"Talk to long-time instructors who are off the tenure track, and one of the frustrations voiced time and again is being passed overtime and againfor tenure-track jobs when they open up. If they are good enough to teach course after course, many adjuncts want to know, why are they not worthy of jobs with, say, some job security? Why is the new (young) Ph.D. always presumed to be better for the tenure-track job?" Read more...

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