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University of Rochester News (July 7, 2008) 07/07/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: July 7, 2008

@Rochester: July 7, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Eastman Grad Wins Scholarship to Study at Cambridge
  • Findings Show Statins Have Unexpected Effect on Brain Cells
  • New Book Illustrates Range of Carl Chiarenza's Work
  • Event Highlight: Carillon Concert on the Quad
  • Rochester in the News: Carmela Garzione on Reactions to Her Mountain Uplift Theory, Trevor Shuttleworth's Findings about Calcium Regulation
  • In Higher Education: The '60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire

News and Announcements

Eastman Grad Wins Scholarship to Study at Cambridge

Eugene FeygelsonEugene Feygelson '07E, who studied violin and musical arts at the Eastman School, has been selected to receive the highly competitive Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholarship. Feygelson will begin work on a master of philosophy degree in musicology at the University of Cambridge, where he will focus on studies in the emerging interdisciplinary field of music and human evolution. Read more...

Findings Show Statins Have Unexpected Effect on Brain Cells

Cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins have a profound effect on an elite group of cells important to brain health as we age, scientists at the Medical Center have found. The new findings shed light on a long-debated potential role for statins in the area of dementia. Read more...

New Book Illustrates Range of Carl Chiarenza's Work

The new book Pictures Come from Pictures: Selected Photographs 1955-2007 illustrates the range of photographer Carl Chiarenza's work during the past five decades. Chiarenza, a Rochester native, is artist-in-residence for the art and art history department and Fanny Knapp Allen Professor Emeritus of Art History. Read more...


Monday, July 7

Hopeman Memorial Carillon Recital: Eastman Quadrangle. 7 p.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

Patagonia Times, Chile (July 2)

"New York Geologist Advances New History of Andes"

Carmela Garzione, associate professor of geology, comments on her research findings that indicate mountains may experience a "growth spurt" that can double their heights in as little as two to four million years—several times faster than the prevailing tectonic theory suggests. She acknowledges her theory has not completely taken hold in the scientific community. "Part of the community is very supportive of the idea and has embraced it quickly. But there are still parts of the community that have tried to find other explanations for our findings. That's the nature of science," says Garzione. Read more...

The Scientist, United Kingdom (July 2)

"Calcium Signaling Out of the Gate"

A report covering a string of recent discoveries about calcium regulation cites research led by Trevor Shuttleworth, professor of pharmacology and physiology.

In Higher Education

New York Times (July 3)

"The '60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire"

"Baby boomers, hired in large numbers during a huge expansion in higher education, are being replaced as part of a vast generational change." Read more...

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