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University of Rochester News (August 5, 2008) 08/05/2008 05:45 AM @Rochester: August 5, 2008

@Rochester: August 5, 2008

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In Today's Issue

  • Why Some 'Niche' Parties Sizzle and Others Fizzle
  • New Look for the University's Homepage
  • University Press to Garner International Exposure
  • Event Highlight: Latino Professional Alliance General Meeting
  • Rochester in the News: Burt Nadler on Today's Job Market for Graduates
  • In Higher Education: Substance-Abuse Interventions

News and Announcements

Why Some 'Niche' Parties Sizzle and Others Fizzle

In her new book, political scientist Bonnie Meguid offers insight into why some political parties that form around a single issue—such as Great Britian's Green Party—succeed at the polls and others don't. Her research suggests that the outcome is largely determined by how established political parties respond to these less powerful competitors. Read more...

New Look for the University's Homepage

The University's homepage will be getting a fresh look this fall. A "beta" version of the new site is now available; visit to view the new design and to offer feedback. 

University Press to Garner International Exposure

The University of Rochester Press has been accepted as an introductory member of the Association of American University Presses, joining 125 nonprofit scholarly and academic publishers worldwide. Read more...


Wednesday, August 6

Latino Professional Alliance General Meeting: Medical Center. Noon to 1 p.m.

For more events:

Rochester in the News

Democrat and Chronicle (August 2)

"Job Losses Mount in Sluggish Economy"

Burt Nadler, director of the College Career Center, says graduates facing the most difficulty in today's job market are those who want to work on Wall Street. "A lot of our students are interested in the financial services industry, but Wall Street's not hiring people; they're letting people go." But Nadler says graduates who are willing to bide their time by getting interim jobs should be able to find financial positions once the economy picks up. Read more...

In Higher Education

University Business (July Issue)

"A Different Kind of Intervention"

"Armed with new data, campus leaders are taking a more broad-based approach to handling substance-abuse issues." Read more...

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