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Eric Hanushek
Eric Hanushek is Professor of Economics and of Public Policy and Director of the W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy at the University of Rochester. He joined the University of Rochester in 1978 and has previously been Director of its Public Policy Analysis Program and Chairman of the Department of Economics. From 1983 through 1985, he was Deputy Director of the Congressional Budget Office.

His research involves applied public finance and public policy analysis with special emphasis on education issues. He has also investigated the determination of individual incomes and wages, retirement income security, housing policy, social experimentation, statistical methodology, and the economics of discrimination. His publications include Assessing Policies for Retirement Income, Improving America's Schools, Assessing Knowledge of Retirement Behavior , Modern Political Economy, Making Schools Work, Educational Performance of the Poor, Improving Information for Social Policy Decisions, Statistical Methods for Social Scientists, and Education and Race along with numerous articles in professional journals.

Margaret Raymond
Margaret Raymond is Senior Scientist in the Department of Economics and Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Analysis. She joined the faculty of the University in 1992, and assumed the position of Director of the Center for Research on Education Outcomes in 1999.

Dr. Raymond has twenty years experience in conducting program evaluations for federal, state and local governmental agencies. Previous evaluation assignments have examined federal welfare demonstrations, statewide impacts of legislative changes in criminal and juvenile justice policy, analyses of organizational shifts following regulatory changes and comparative fiscal gains in post secondary professional curricula. In addition to extensive public policy experience, she has provided guidance to public and private organizations on strategic information systems.

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