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Mission Statement

Seeds for College is a university-affiliated and community-based foundation with the goal of helping inner city minority children to successfully graduate from high school and award them seed money to go to college.

College in the 21st century must be every child’s birthright and the foundation’s goal is to increase every year the number of inner city minority youth who finish High School successfully and go on to college.

Seeds for College was founded in 2005 and has educational and financial goals for the future of inner-city youth. It has a hands-on pedagogical structure that begins with recruiting a small group of students through a summer workshop led by University of Rochester faculty and community leaders. The workshop takes place at the North Street Community Center in Rochester NY and is followed by a yearlong program staffed by volunteers, students from the University of Rochester and community organizations. The program includes a weekly meeting for tutoring and homework, creative writing classes, and university campus visits and special programs such the university’s pre-college academic programs for Middle and High Schools students.  All of these educational activities are designed to help the teens stay in school and pave their way to plan for a college education.

Seeds for College awards $100 a year for each student in the program who does well in school.  The award involves a partnership agreement with the students: the students have to participate in the weekly program and other organized activities and they need to commit to do well in each school year. In return there would be seed money when they go to college.

Seeds for College donations are managed (at no cost) by the University of Rochester. Donations are tax-exempt and 100% of each donation goes to the students. Donations can be made to U of R Seeds for College and mailed to:

Rose Marie Ferreri
Department of Anthropology
RC Box 270161 440 Lattimore Hall
University of Rochester
Rochester, N.Y. 14627

Ayala Emmett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Founder
Seeds for College