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Children who participated in a creative writing workshop at the North Street Community Center were assigned to write letters to the editor. Following are two such letters submitted by the children:

Streets dangerous for youths, adults

Children under the age of 20 are dying from gunshots, abuse and gang-related activities. I have seen kids around my age, who are trying to grow up too quickly. My friend died because he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. That really scared me when I heard about. I couldn't bear the fact that he died. Rochester is not a safe place for youths or adults. It is not safe for anyone at night here, because gangs (turf wars) are killing friends and family members who are not with their gangs. Parents of teenagers, set curfews for your children's safety. Kids, do yourselves a favor and stay off the streets.

Please, Mayor Johnson, save our dying city. Please set up more police stations.


Good times beckon at North Street Rec

My name is Jessica Hayes and I go to Chester Dewey School 14. I want to tell you about the North Street Community Center because not too many people in Rochester know about it and it is a great place.

I like to go to North Street, because they do a lot of things for many kids and me. We go to a lot of different places like Darien Lake and soccer tournaments that are a lot of fun. Some of the staff at North Street Community Center are fun to hang around with, like my coach, Jeff. I play soccer for North Street Community Center and I enjoy it a lot. That is why North Street Community Center is a fun place to hang around. I would like to invite people who have never been here to come to see what a great place it is.