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May 2014 Newsletter

Biology is the study of life and living things, from single cells to vast ecosystems. At the University of Rochester, the department of biology is united by its interest in genetics and commitment to research.

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Undergraduate Degrees

  • BA in Biology
  • BS in Biochemistry
  • BS in Cell & Developmental Biology
  • BS in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • BS in Microbiology
  • BS in Molecular Genetics
  • BS in Neuroscience
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In the News

News story photo
Jack Werren interviewed by BBC - Earth
February 12, 2015
We like to think of ourselves as the dominant life form on the planet. But are we?
mole rat
An extra protein gives naked mole rats more power to stop cancer
February 5, 2015
“We named this novel product pALTINK4a/b,” said Gorbunova.
News story photo
Vera Gorbunova appointed Doris Johns Cherry Professor
November 6, 2014
The Doris Johns Cherry Professorship was established in July 2006.
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Upcoming Events

"Three-dimensional genome architecture directs cell identity"
April 2, 2015
Lander Auditorium - Hutch 140
Dr. Jill Dowen
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT
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