Undergraduate Program in
Biology and Medicine



Make Up Exams: Pre-Scheduled

All make up exam request must be documented. Students may email the Course Coordinator to make appropriate arrangements to make up exams. In-person requests may also be made in Hutchison 402B.

Whether or not a student is allowed to make up an exam is ultimately decided by the individual professor.

Students are asked to give at minimum, two (2) weeks notice for pre-scheduled events that may necessitate a make up exam. In the case of an University-related event, students must inform the Course Coordinator as soon as knowledge of the event is obtained. Verification of these absences may be required.

Students with sudden illnesses must contact the Course Coordinator via email or telephone no later that 2PM on the day of the scheduled exam in order to be eligible for a make up exam. This 2PM deadline may be waived in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the professor.

For course-specific instructions, please refer to the class syllabus.

Make Up Exams: Over-Sleeper

In most cases, students that oversleep on the day of an exam should report directly to the exam site. The instructor will give directions as to whether a student will be able to take the original exam, or be required to take a make up exam. Once a student has checked in with their instructor, they are to report to the Course Coordinator in Hutchison 402 for exam accommodations.

If an exam has concluded, a student wishing to make up an exam exam due to cover sleeping must report to the Course Coordinator no later that 12PM, the day of the exam.

For course-specific instructions, please refer to the class syllabus.

Make Up Labs

The ability of a student to make up a lab is solely at the discretion of the individual faculty member. For course-specific information regarding making up labs, please refer to the class syllabus.

Exam Return

Unless otherwise notified, exams will be returned in the following order:

  1. Following lectures in designated areas
  2. During recitations/workshops
  3. In Hutchison 402B

Students will be informed via email when residual exams will be available in the main office. office and are available to the public.

Once a semester ends, exams being kept in the main office will only be stored until the course begins again (i.e. BIO 110 exams from Fall 2008 will be shredded in Fall 2009).

Rescheduling Final Exams

Though the faculty within our Department understand the intense course load students at Rochester are enrolled in, as well as the extreme pressure they are under to do well in each class, they are unable to reschedule final exams. The final examination dates are scheduled not by individual course instructors, but by the Registrar, and are published to students prior to registration for the semester.

For rescheduling of final exams for reasons other than course/scheduling conflicts, contact the Course Coordinator as referenced in the Make Up Exam policies.


Generally regrades are only accepted for all examinations, except the final. Exams taken in pencil or alterted post-return are not accepted for regrades. Students should refer to the course syllabus regrading specific criteria for regrades. Regrade deadlines and forms for individual courses can be found on Blackboard or obtained from the Biology Office.

Unless otherwise informed, all regrades (with applicable cover sheets) should be turned into the Biology Office.

Course Grades

Students may obtain course grades from multiple outlets, including: online through UR ACCESS Plus or Blackboard, or by contacting the Course Coordinator, Academic Support or the faculty member directly.

Additional Student Resources

The Biology Department strives to ensure that each student not only completes the offered courses, but does so successfully. Students can contact the Course Coordinator should they feel a need for additional help with their studies. The Course Coordinator can assist the student in locating additional resources, such as study groups and review sessions.

The College also has departments that specialize in assisting students with their studies. Students who are considering additional help are encouraged to contact Academic Support.