Undergraduate Program in
Biology and Medicine


   Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Application

The Department of Biology is recruiting undergraduates to lead workshops, recitations, or laboratory sections associated with many of the courses offered. We encourage all interested students to apply below. The minimal qualifications include a passion for the material and successful completion of the course. Please indicate ALL the courses you are interested in. Applications will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member(s) upon receipt.

If you are interested in receiving credit for being a teaching assistant visit: http://www.rochester.edu/college/BIO/UPBM/SupervisedTeaching/BIO390CourseDescription.htm

Download a BIO 110/112/250 Workshop Leader Application here.


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2-credits for Supervised Teaching Course (BIO 390)   Stipend compensation ($600 - $750)

Please check all of the courses you are interested in applying for:
BIO 101
Genes, Germs, and Genomics: An Introduction to Modern Biology
  BIO 110   (Download Application Here)
Principles of Biology I (Workshop)
  BIO 110   (Download Application Here)
Principles of Biology I (Workshop)
  BIO 111
Principles of Biology II
  BIO 112   (Download Application Here)
Perspective in Biology I (Workshop)
BIO 111P
Introductory Biology Lab
BIO 190
Genetics and the Human Genome
BIO 113
Perspectives in Biology
BIO 198
Principles of Genetics
BIO 205
BIO 198P
Principles of Genetics Lab
BIO 214
BIO 201
Lectures in Physiology
BIO 217
Mammalian Anatomy
BIO 202
Molecular Biology
BIO 243
Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
BIO 204
Mammalian Physiology
BIO 247
Environmental Animal Physiology
BIO 210
Molecular Cell Biology
  BIO 250   (Download Application Here)
Introduction to Biochemistry (Workshop)
BIO 222
Biology of Aging
BIO 250H
Introduction to Biochemistry Honors
BIO 226
Developmental Biology
BIO 268
Laboratory in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
BIO 260
Animal Behavior
BIO 263

Please list all Biology courses you have completed.

Please list all past courses for which you have been a teaching assistant.

Please list all of the other teaching assistant/leader positions in other departments for which you are applying.

Please explain why you would be a good candidate to lead a recitation/workshop.

Please add any other information that you would like to share with us.


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