Undergraduate Program in
Biology and Medicine


    General Degree Information and Requirements


GPA Requirement

It is required of students in the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine that a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) be maintained in the major, excluding Allied Fields courses.

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Double Majors and Double Degrees

No student may declare a BA in Biology and a BS in Biological Science (Any Track). [NO DOUBLE DEGREE IN UPBM TRACKS]

No student may declare two BS degrees within the UPBM Tracks. [NO DOUBLE MAJOR WITHIN THE UPBM TRACKS]

Double majors are allowed involving one UPBM Track major and a major in an area outside UPBM as long as there is no more than a 2 course overlap. (Allied fields do not apply.)

Students seeking approval to earn two degrees (B.S. plus B.A.) involving one degree in a UPBM track and one degree in a separate academic area will need to petition the Administrative Committee of the College before the double degree program can be implemented.

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Petitions for Exceptions to a Major

What is a petition? A petition is a written request to the UPBM Committee of Track Coordinators for a variance of the extant rules/regulations. This may be, for example, a request for substitution or acceptance of a course that is not ordinarily part of the UPBM curriculum.
Exceptions to the requirements listed above must be petitioned to The UPBM committee.

Petitions may be submitted on-line to the Petition to the UPBM Committee Wepage
*Academic Advisors should be consulted in advance of submission

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Degree with Distinction in Research

A degree with distinction in research is an honor that recognizes a student for outstanding accomplishments in research. Students majoring in the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine (UPBM) with research of exceptional quality and a minimum BIO GPA of 2.7 may apply for candidacy during their senior year. Candidates must have developed a novel body of work that includes publication quality data from which to generate a senior thesis. In addition, candidates must successfully present and defend their senior thesis before a faculty examination committee. ... more