Undergraduate Program in
Biology and Medicine



In addition to being an outstanding undergraduate institution, the U of R is also a major research university . One of the Rochester Advantages is the opportunity for undergraduates to gain hands-on experience doing modern biomedical research.

arrow  DEGREE WITH DISTINCTION IN RESEARCH: A degree with distinction in research is an honor that recognizes a student for outstanding accomplishments in research. Students majoring in the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine (UPBM) with research of exceptional quality and a minimum BIO GPA of 2.7 may apply for candidacy during their senior year. Candidates must have developed a novel body of work that includes publication quality data from which to generate a senior thesis. In addition, candidates must successfully present and defend their senior thesis before a faculty examination committee. ... (read more)

arrow  DE KIEWIET SUMMER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: Allow students in B.A. and B.S. tracks to gain research experience in the laboratories of Program Faculty during the summer. Students submit competitive applications for these paid positions.

arrow  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH: Allows students in B.A. and B.S. tracks to gain research experience in the laboratories of Program Faculty during the school year. Students earn academic credit for their work.

arrow OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH: A quality undergraduate research experience is unparalleled in its effectiveness in bringing about an intellectual maturity in students and providing them with experience useful for academic and career path decisions. Undergraduate research develops problem-solving skills and promotes the integration of what students learn in the rather compartmentalized classroom experience. As a nurturing, tier-1 research institution with a world-class medical center and a strong research program, the University of Rochester is an ideal place for undergraduate research. The Office of Undergraduate Research exists to broaden and strengthen the undergraduate research program at the University through seeking to increase opportunities for undergraduate research, lower barriers to undergraduate research, and promote the recognition of quality undergraduate research and undergraduate research mentoring.

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