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Andrea Andrea L. Sweigart

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral fellow
University of Rochester
Department of Biology
River Campus Box 270211
Rochester, NY 14627

Phone: (585) 275-6066
E-mail: asweigar(at)mail(dot)rochester(dot)edu

My research focuses on the genetics of reproductive isolation in natural populations. I use two different model systems -- Mimulus and Drosophila – to address key evolutionary questions:


What is the genetic basis of reproductive isolation?

What are the evolutionary forces that promote speciation?

How does gene flow influence the evolution of reproductive i

What are the dynamics of polyploid adaptation and speciation?


Ph. D. 2006 Biology Duke University
B. A. 1998 Biology Reed College
Selected Publications

Sweigart, A. L. Simple Y-autosomal incompatibilities cause hybrid male sterility in reciprocal crosses between Drosophila virilis and D. americana. Submitted.

Sweigart, A. L. The genetics of postmating, prezygotic reproductive isolation between Drosophila virilis and D. americana. Genetics, in press.

Sweigart, A. L., N. H. Martin, and J. H. Willis, 2008. Patterns of nucleotide variation and reproductive isolation between a Mimulus allotetraploid and its progenitor species. Molecular Ecology 17(8):2089:2100.

Sweigart, A. L., A. R. Mason, and J. H. Willis, 2007. Natural variation for a hybrid incompatibility between two species of Mimulus. Evolution 61(1):141-151.

Sweigart, A. L., L. Fishman, and J. H. Willis, 2006. A simple genetic incompatibility causes hybrid male sterility in Mimulus. Genetics 172:2465-2479.

Sweigart, A. L. and J. H. Willis, 2003. Patterns of nucleotide diversity are affected by mating system and asymmetric introgression in two species of Mimulus. Evolution 57(11):2490-2506.

Phippen, T. M., A. L. Sweigart, M. Moniwa, A. Krumm, J. R. Davie, and S. M. Parkhurst, 2000. Drosophila C-terminal binding protein functions as a context-dependent transcriptional cofactor and interferes with both Mad and Groucho transcriptional repression. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275:37628-37637.

Sweigart, A., K. Karoly, A. Jones, and J. H. Willis, 1999. The distribution of individual inbreeding coefficients and pairwise relatedness in a population of Mimulus guttatus. Heredity 8(5):625-632.