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Rob Rob Unckless

Graduate Student
University of Rochester
Department of Biology
Rochester, NY 14627
Hutchison 313

Phone: (585) 275-6066
E-mail: runckles(at)mail(dot)rochester(dot)edu
Research Interests

I am interested in how populations adapt to changes in their environment. Although some of this adaptation might be due abiotic factors, often it may be due to conflict with other individuals, species or even genetic elements within individuals. My research involves modeling scenarios of adaptation using population genetics.

Jaenike J, J.K. Stahlhut, L.M. Boelio, and R.L. Unckless. 2010. Association between Wolbachia and Spiroplasma within Drosophila neotestacea: an emerging symbiotic mutualism? Molecular Ecology (Epub ahead of print)

Unckless, R.L. and J.K. Herren. 2009. Population genetics of sexually antagonistic mitochondrial mutants under inbreeding. Journal of Theoretical Biology 260: 132-136.

Unckless, R.L. and H.A. Orr. 2009. The population genetics of adaptation: multiple substitutions on an smooth fitness landscape. Genetics 183: 1079-4086.

Unckless, R. L., L. M. Boelio, J. K. Herren, and J. Jaenike. 2009. Wolbachia as populations within individual insects: causes and consequences of density variation in natural populations. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 276:2805-2811.

Unckless, R. L., and H. A. Orr. 2009. Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibilities and adaptation to a shared environment. Heredity 102:214-217.

Orr, H. A., and R. L. Unckless. 2008. Population extinction and the genetics of adaptation. American Naturalist 172: 160-169.

Unckless, R. L., L. M. Boelio, M. Schifano, and K. A. Dyer. 2008. Isolation and characterization of 30 polymorphic microsatellite loci from the mycophagous fly Drosophila innubila. Molecular Ecology Resources 8:939-942.

Unckless, R. L., and J. C. Makarewicz. 2007. The impact of nutrient loading from Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) on water quality, a mesocosm approach. Hydrobiologia 586:393-401.


M.S. 2008 Biology University of Rochester
M.S. 2006 Biology SUNY Brockport
M.S. 1999 Science Education Cornell University
B.S. 1997 Education Cornell University
Fellowships and Awards

2006-2008 University of Rochester Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Fellowship
2005 Penfield High School NHS Teacher of the Year Award
Teaching Experience

Spring 2007 Laboratory Instructor, Biology Department, University of Rochester
2000-2006 Science Teacher, Penfield High School, Penfield, NY
1999-2000 Science Teacher, Beverly High School, Beverly, MA
1997-1999 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Cornell University