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Letters of Support

The following letters require Adobe Reader® 6.0 or higher to be viewed correctly. You can download this version here.

Karel Bolckmans, Director, Commercial Insectomy
Department of Genetics
Koppert Biological Systems

Andrew Clark, Genomics / Drosophila
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Cornell University

Jay D. Evans, Honey Bee Genetics
Bee Research Laboratory
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Jurgen Gadau, Hymenoptera Geneitics Bioinformatics
Department of Bioinformatics
University of Wurzburg

Richard Gibbs, Director
Human Genome Sequencing Center
Bayor College of Medicine

Charles Godfray, Parasitoid Biology
Department of Biological Sciences
Imperial College at Silwood Park

Christina Grozinger
Department of Entomology
North Carolina State University

Kevin Hackett, Biocontrol and Insect Genomics/ USDA
George Washington Carver Center
U.S. Department of Agriculture

John Heraty, Parasitoid Phylogeny
Department of Entomology
University of California, Riverside

Martha S. Hunter, Parasitoid Biology
Department of Entomology
The University of Arizona

Wayne Hunter, Insect Genomics
U.S. Horticulture Research Laboratory
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Berthia King, Parasitoid Behavior
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University

Robert Page, Chair
Department of Entomology
University of California, Davis

David Pimental, Entomology and Biological Control
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Cornell University

Catello Polito, Sex Determination
Department of Molecular Genetics
Naples University "Federica"

Donald Quicke, Hymenoptera Systematics
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

David Rivers, Insect Physiology
Department of Biological Sciences
Loyola College in Maryland

Gene Robinson, HoneyBee Genetics
Department of Entomology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jeanne Romero-Severson, Quantitative Genetics
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame

Olav Rueppell, Honey Bee, Aging
Department of Biological Sciences
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Richard Stouthamer, Parasitoid Genetics and Evolution
Department of Entomology
University of California, Riverside

Michael Strand, Parasitoid Development and Ecology
The Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Disease
University of Georgia

William Sullivan, Developmental Biologist
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
University of California, Santa Cruz

Joop C. van Lenteren, Biological Control
Department of Entomology
Wageningen University

Stuart West, Evolution of Behavior
School of Biological Sciences
University of Edinburgh

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