Terry Platt honored with Natural Sciences Professor of the Year Award

The Students’ Association presented its Professor of the Year awards this week during the 2007 Undergraduate Research Exhibition. The recipients, selected by student vote, are David Foster, adjunct professor of chemical engineering; Douglas Brooks, professor of religion and classics; Terry Platt, professor of biology; and Steven Landsburg, professor of economics.

The Annual Professor of the Year Awards are given out by the Students' Association Government on behalf of the undergraduates of the College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering.  Four awards are given out honoring one professor from Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering.  For the last few months, students have been nominating professors for the award, and the list of nominations was narrowed down to three per academic discipline.  During student government elections (April 9-11), students had an opportunity to vote for their favorite four professors.  The Students' Association Government continues to help support the University's academic mission by engaging students and faculty in new ways, and we hope that the Professor of the Year Awards are yet another way to highlight the College's connections to scholarship and undergraduate education.