Next Year Now!

SEASON 2014-2015


To start at the very beginning:
THE 24 HOUR PLAY FESTIVAL: we are looking for an exciting team to help lead and work on the 24 Hour Play Festival.
This takes place during Freshman Orientation: you get a free t-shirt AND permission to move back to campus early if you sign up to help/work on it
(you'll also help to spread the gospel of Todd at the Freshman EXPO, etc.)

1. Nigel directs a fabulous comedy/farce by the British comic genius, Joe Orton, What the Butler Saw [design team: Tilly Grimes, Solomon Weisbard, & Obadiah Eaves]
2. Guest director, Niegel Smith directs the amazing Suzan-Lori Parks' Venus [design team: Arnulfo Maldonado,Olivera Gajic, Mike Inwood, & Erik Lawson].
3. UR Performing!! The Party Edition, featuring Shaq McCullers, Fish God, Gospel Choir, Eggs Benedict, Great Vagrant and more!


4. Guest director, Matthew Earnest, directs Shakespeare's wonderful The Taming of the Shrew [design team TBA].
5. 17th Annual One Act Play Festival

Here's your chance to sprint to the front of the line and reserve the jobs you want to do for next year!

As always, we want to get as many of these jobs filled now so we know our "peeps" for next year and can get things organized.
We're looking for everyone from ASSISTANT DIRECTORS to VIDEOGRAPHERS...and everyone in between!

We're looking for:
* Production Stage Managers
* Assistant PSM's
* Stage Managers (ASM's)
* Assistant Directors
* Master Electricians (credit or paid)
* Assistant Master Electricians (credit)
* Audio Visual Engineers (credit or paid)
* Assistant Audio Visual Engineer (credit)
* Production Manager: One Act Play Festival
* Producer/Director: UR Performing!
* Lighting Designers/ME for UR Performing! (Fall)
* Sound Designer/AVE for UR Performing! (Fall)
* Costume Designers for the One Act Play Festival
* Set & Props Designers for the One Act Play Festival
* Student Technical Director for the One Act Play Festival
* Lighting Designers/ME for the One Act Play Festival (Spring)
* Sound Designer/AVE for the One Act Play Festival (Spring)
* Stage Manager for UR Performing! (Fall)
* Stage Manager for One Act Play Festival (Spring)

We may also be looking for:
* WARDROBE SUPERVISOR (details; paid or credit)
* Costume INTERNS for both Fall and/or Spring Semesters (details; paid or credit)
* Publicity & Marketing INTERNS for both Fall and/or Spring Semesters (credit)
* Theatre INTERN for both Fall and/or Spring Semesters (paid only)
* Props INTERNS for both Fall and/or Spring Semesters (paid or credit)
* A student VIDEOGRAPHER to make trailers (credit) and videotape/edit productions as archival records (paid)
* A URITP Webmaster (skills required: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Some AJAX experience, Limited MySQL experience; Useful skills: Extensive AJAX experience, Extensive MySQL or MySQLi experience, Linux/Unix command-line experience, Familiarity with SSH,Familiarity with phpMyAdmin, Experience with the University's web environment (development/production servers, deploy, etc.),Experience with jQuery)

Email Nigel ASAP to indicate what position/s you may be interested in. Specify in your email (if applicable) which semester and/or productions you're interested in if you have a preference. We will use our best judgment to give people their preference.

If you have questions about what any of these jobs entail, please first look to see if there is a job description on the Resources page of the website, then email Nigel questions.

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