University of Rochester
Undergraduate Program

The Film and Media Studies program offers students an opportunity to explore motion pictures, television, and the electronic arts as art forms and cultural phenomena. It consists of specific courses offered by participating departments and it provides the opportunity for screening and analysis of centrally important films and videos in the history of cinema from the resources in the Film and Media Studies Special Collection. Twenty or more film courses are offered annually.

There are many career opportunities open to students of film and the media arts. Many students go on to film or television school, pursuing graduate work in producing, directing, editing, cinematography, screen writing, acting, and other creative aspects of media. Others choose to pursue the graduate study of media history, theory, and criticism in masters or doctoral programs. Media law and business also present exciting opportunities for postgraduate study. A major in Film and Media Studies can lead to exciting careers in print and media journalism, arts and museum management, film preservation and curating, library science, and multimedia authoring.

Alternative, individualized concentrations for studying motion pictures may also be proposed through the Committee on Interdepartmental Majors. Double-majoring in Film and Media Studies and another field is also encouraged though not more than two courses may be proposed in common for the two majors.

Film and media production course work can also be taken elsewhere for credit at the University. See the "Partners" page for more information. Internships at television stations and local media industries, and abroad, are open to film students under the sponsorship of the Film and Media Studies Program. Study abroad during a semester or for a full year is encouraged. The director can recommend many study abroad programs for the summer and academic year.

Independent Projects, (through independent reading or research courses, or an independent project that calls upon the knowledge and discrimination acquired while completing these requirements), may be taken by Film and Media Studies concentrators, if they wish, during their senior year.