Keynote Speaker: Susie Linfield

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker for the Third Annual Graduate Conference, "Image, Truth and Distortion," will be Professor Susie Linfield. Linfield is Associate Professor of Journalism at New York University, and has been director of the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program since its inception in 1995. A frequent contributor to a variety of publications, including The Washington Post Book World, The Boston Review, Dissent, and The Nation among others, Linfield is most recently the author of The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence (University of Chicago Press, 2010). In this widely-acclaimed work, which is a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, Linfield examines how photographs of traumatic events such as the Holocaust and China's Cultural Revolution have helped provide impetus to the modern human rights movement, and argues that confronting these images of human cruelty is not voyeuristic but a necessary ethical act.

Please visit her faculty website at NYU for more information: