University of Rochester
The Rochester Theory Center

The Rochester Theory Center was established at the University of Rochester, with start-up funding provided by the National Science Foundation, in the second half of 1995. The Center has previously focused on research in the areas of quantum, mathematical and statistical coherence theory associated with optical science and engineering. Recently a broader research direction is being taken, emphasizing the unity of theoretical physics, and a fully descriptive statement is being planned. Areas of research will incorporate a wide range of topics including quantum mechanics, measurement theory, mathematical physics, quantum information, nonlinear dynamics and high energy density physics, with applications in condensed matter, atomic physics, quantum optics and plasma physics. A key operating goal continues to be to provide opportunities for post-doctoral training in frontier areas of theoretical physics.

Application procedures for these fellowships are described elsewhere at this web site. Applicants should have received their from a US university within the past 3 years. The research projects of current interest in the Center and the names of the Center's permanent senior members can also be found at this web site.

In addition to postdoctoral research, the Center's activities include topical workshops, extended seminar series and visits by senior visiting experts, and cooperative projects with academic, governmental and insdustrial collaborators of the Center in the US and abroad.

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