Education Abroad


Social Science Majors and Minors


Many students believe that if they are studying the social sciences abroad, they need to first be proficient or fluent in a foreign language. This is not always the case; many English-language programs are located in the UK, Ghana, South Africa, India, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. Opportunities to study social sciences in English through UR-sponsored programs are also available in Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan.


Hundreds of UR alumni have participated in the prestigious London Parliamentary Internship Program. There are similar opportunities in Brussels in the European Parliament and in Edinburgh in the Scottish Parliament.

Business internships in finance, marketing and many other fields are not open to just economics majors; any student with an interest in international business can find a suitable course of study.

Law is not an undergraduate discipline in the United States, but courses and internships in law are widely available.

Psychology and health and society majors and minors have taken coursework abroad as well as internships in adolescent development, eating disorders and health care administration.

Internships aren’t just notches for students' resumes; they can lead to exciting career opportunities back in the United States, or even in other overseas locations in the future. By working side by side with lawyers, politicians, and health care professionals, interns have access to aspects of the host country’s culture that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.