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Study Local in China FAQ's

How can I sign-up for the WeWork option with access to a physical location to study, have reliable internet, and possibly meet other UR students? 

Students can follow the steps below to make sure they are eligible for WeWork and learn how to sign-up.

  • Review the eligibility requirements to apply for a WeWork Access Pass.  Students must meet all 3 requirements below:
    • Must be a University of Rochester undergraduate student in AS&E
    • Must be physically located in China for the spring 2021 semester
    • Must be enrolled full-time in online courses at the University of Rochester
  • Complete this survey with all required information 
  • Once you have completed the survey and you have been approved to participate, you will receive a welcome email from WeWork (passes for the spring 2021 semester will not be active until February 1st)

Contact with any questions.

Is this program required for students staying in China for the Spring 2021 term? 

This is an optional program designed to assist students that are unable to travel back to the University of Rochester for the Spring 2021 semester and would prefer to take courses in-person. Students should primarily consider taking courses with the UR remotely but if this is not a suitable option this program may be a good choice.

How do I register for courses at the local partner university in China?

Once students receive their placement with a local partner university, they will receive additional information on course registration and details dependent on the specific school they are placed with. 

How will my credits transfer back to UR? 

Students will complete a course approval form with the University of Rochester for courses at the partner university.  Course syllabi presented for review must be translated into English.  At the end of the Spring 2021 term, students will receive a transcript from the partner university they attended.  Students will submit an official transcript to the University of Rochester.  Completed courses with an equivalent grade of “C” or better will transfer to the University of Rochester as transfer credit and will not be factored into the student’s cumulative GPA.

Students are also encouraged to discuss their overall plans with their academic advisor. Students in the Hajim School of Engineering should consult with their faculty advisor and/or the undergraduate coordinator in their area of study.  If students need additional guidance, they should contact the College Center for Advising Services.

Will students receive a list of partnership universities in China?

Each student’s application will be reviewed by the Center for Education Abroad.  Students will be matched with a partner university based on their current residence in China and academic major.  Due to the complicated process of matching students and enrollment limitations with partner schools, there will not be a list of universities for students to choose from. Additionally, once students receive a placement they will not be able to request placement change to another university.

Is there a limit on the number of courses I can take at the local university in China? 

Students are expected to enroll as a full-time student under the University of Rochester’s definition of full-time and to follow the overload policy.

Can deferred students apply to the Study Local in China program?

If students have already deferred their admission to the University of Rochester , but would now like to participate in the Study Local in China program, they are permitted to do so as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligible students must be unable to arrive physically to the University of Rochester due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions or visa delays.

Can the courses from the partner university in China be used towards clusters?  

Yes. Students do NOT need to submit a “Proposal for Exception to the Departmental Cluster."  The courses only need to be approved by the department chair for transfer credit.

Can I take the Writing 105 course at the partner university in China? 

No.  Students must still take their Writing 105 course with the U of R.  Students will have the opportunity to take the course during the spring 2021 semester with the U of R.

When can I expect to receive information about my placement with the partner university in China?

The Center for Education Abroad and our partner universities are working to finalize placements as soon as possible.  Students will be notified of their placements and receive assistance to complete course registrations prior to the UR registration deadline.

Can I enroll for full-time or part-time courses through the Study Local in China AND register for additional UR online courses?

Yes. Students registering for courses at both the partner school and UR must maintain full-time enrollment for the fall 2020 semester. To maintain full-time enrollment, you need to register for a total of 16 credit hours between the partner school courses and your UR online courses.

Students who chose to enroll in both will be sent further instructions via email from their project manager.  

Students that are talking all of their Spring 2021 courses at the partner university they have been placed at need to be registered for SABR 301-2 in UR Student.  Students participating in the dual enrollment option where you are taking some classes at the partner school and some classes at UR need to be registered for SABR 310-1

It is possible to drop or withdraw from SABR 310-1/310-2 or SABR 301-2 while enrolled in Study Local in China so they do not appear on my transcript?

No.  Students participating in Study Local in China are required to remain in either course and cannot withdraw.  As a reminder, both courses (SABR 310-2/SABR 310-2 and SABR 301-2) are not assigned any credits at the University of Rochester.

Are there any additional forms I need to complete for the International Student Office?

We are working closely with the ISO and will either submit the forms on your behalf or send you instructions in the coming weeks.