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Llerena G. Searle


PhD, Department of Anthropology, “Making Space for Capital: The Production of Global Landscapes in Contemporary India", University of Pennsylvania, 2010

BA, Williams College, 1999

Research Interests

Prof Searle’s research explores the social, cultural, and geographical changes that have accompanied globalization in South Asia and the ways in which capitalist practices shape urban space. She is currently completing a book manuscript (under contract with the University of Chicago Press) based on her ethnographic fieldwork from 2006-8 and 2014. The book explains the rapid growth of Indian cities and the proliferation of new malls, high-rises, and office parks across India by examining the practices and ideas of those who fund real estate projects. Prof Searle worked with international financiers and real estate developers to understand how they transform Indian buildings into legible assets available to international networks of speculative finance. Building on her interest in cultures of capitalism, urban space, and consumer practices, her next project will investigate the reconfigured image of the Indian housewife visible in advertisements for housing. She plans to examine the relationships between this image and emerging ideals of domesticity, class, and gender in Globalizing India. Her other research interests include cultures of expertise, architectural practices, and material culture.

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